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Jun-Ki Choi

Associate Professor; Director, Industrial Assessment Center (UD-IAC)

Full-Time Faculty

School of Engineering: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Email: Jun-Ki Choi
Phone: 937-229-5344
Website: Visit Site
Kettering Laboratories Room 363A


Click here to go to the University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center (UD-IAC) website >>

Selected Publications

  • Choi, J.-K., D. Morrison, K. Hallinan, and B. Brecha. 2014. Economic and environmental impacts of community-based residential building energy efficiency investment. Energy 78, no. 15: 877-886. 
  • Choi, J.-K., and V.M. Fthenakis. 2014. Crystalline silicon photovoltaic recycling planning: Macro and micro perspectives. Journal of Cleaner Production 66, no. 1: 443-449.
  • Choi, J.-K., J.K. Kissock, and K. Hallinan. 2013. Beyond industrial energy assessments: The life cycle design perspective. Proceedings of ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry: 4-1 ~ 4-11.  
  • Choi, J.-K. 2013. End-of-life management of c-Si Photovoltaic Module. Featured article, KSEA Letter 41, no. 3: 31-32.
  • Ramanujan, D., W. Berstein, J.-K. Choi, M. Koho, F. Zhao and K. Ramani. 2013. Prioritizing design for environment strategies using a stochastic multi criteria decision analysis. Journal of Mechanical Design 136, no. 7. 
  • Choi, J.-K., P. Friley, and T. Alfstad. 2012. Implications of energy policy on a product system's dynamic life-cycle environmental impact: Survey and model. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16, no. 7: 4744-4752.
  • Kim, H.C., V. Fthenakis, J.-K. Choi, and D.E. Turney. 2012. Life cycle GHG emissions of thin-film photovoltaic electricity generation: Systematic review and harmonization. Journal of Industrial Ecology 16, no. s1: 110-121.
  • Hsu, D., P. O'Donoughue, V. Fthenakis, G.A. Heath, H.C. Kim, P. Sawyer, J.-K. Choi, and D.E. Turney. 2012. Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of crystalline silicon photovoltaic electricity generation: Systematic review and harmonization. Journal of Industrial Ecology 16, no. s1: 122-135.
  • Zhao, F., J.-K. Choi, J. Sutherland, C. Handwerker, and K. Ramani. 2011. A primary overview of sustainable product realization for the life cycle. Designing Sustainable Products, Services and Manufacturing Systems, ed. A. Chakrabarti, S. Rachuri, P. Sakar, and S. Kota, 120-135. Research Publishing.
  • Ramani, K., F. Zhao, J.-K. Choi, D. Ramanujan, W. Berstein, J. Sutherland, C. Handwerker, H.M. Kim, and D. Thurston. 2010. Integrated sustainable life cycle design: A review. Journal of Mechanical Design 132, no. 9.
  • Choi, J.-K., B.R. Bakshi, and Tim Haab. 2010. Effects of a carbon price in the U.S. on economic sectors, resource use, and emissions: An input-output approach. Energy Policy 38, no. 7: 3527-3536.
  • Choi, J.-K., and V.M. Fthenakis. 2010. Economic feasibility of recycling photovoltaic modules: Survey and model. Journal of Industrial Ecology 14, no. 6: 947-964.
  • Choi, J.-K., and V.M. Fthenakis. 2010. Design and optimization of photovoltaics recycling infrastructure. Environmental Science and Technology 44, no. 22: 8678-8683.
  • Choi, J.-K., L.F. Nies, and K. Ramani. 2008. A framework for the integration of environmental and business aspects toward sustainable product development. Journal of Engineering Design 19, no. 6.
  • Choi, J.-K., and B.R. Bakshi. 2008. Attribution of global warming. Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, ed. S.G. Philander and G.J. Golson, 95-99. Sage Publication.
  • Choi, J.-K., and B.R. Bakshi. 2008. Economic repercussion of carbon permit. Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, ed. S.G. Philander and G.J. Golson, 167-169. Sage Publication.
  • Choi, J.-K., and B.R. Bakshi. 2008. American electric power. Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, ed. S.G. Philander and G.J. Golson, 45-46. Sage Publication.
  • Williams, J.A.S., S.Wonweragiat, X. Qu, J.B.McGlinch, W. Bonwaitan, J.-K Choi, and J. Schiff. 2007. An automotive bulk recycling planning model. European Journal of Operational Research 177: 969-981.
  • Chung, C.W., J.-K. Choi, K. Ramani, and H. Patwardhan. 2006. Product node architecture: A systematic approach to provide structured flexibility in distributed product development. Concurrent Engineering Research & Application 13, no. 3: 219-232.


  • Choi, J.-K., and K. Ramani. 2009. The quest for sustainable product design: A systematic methodology for integrated assessment of environmentally benign and economically feasible product design. VDM Publishing.

Selected Research and Work

  • Goldhaber Distinguished Fellow, Sustainable Energy Technologies Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York (03/09-08/12)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Director, Center for Resilience, Ohio State University (10/06-03/09)
  • Visiting Scholar, PRECISE, Purdue University (05/06-10/06)

Courses Taught

  • MEE 344 Manufacturing Process
  • MEE 472/RCL 572 Design for Environment
  • MEE 410 Heat Transfer


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2006
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1999
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, 1997

Professional Activities

  • International Energy Agency-PVPS Task 12 on PV EH&S
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineer
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineer
  • International Input-Output Association
  • International Society of Industrial Ecology
  • International Academy for Production Engineering
  • Korean-American Scientist and Engineers Association
  • Universal Linkage for Top Research Advisor
  • International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology

Research Interests

  • Sustainable manufacturing process, energy efficiency
  • Design for environment, life cycle assessment
  • End-of-life management
  • Sustainable infrastructure design
  • Economic systems modeling (general & partial equilibrium models)
  • Energy/environmental policy design