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The Ethos Center


The cornerstone of the ETHOS program is partnership, and we have partnered with more than 50 organizations worldwide. We partner with international, domestic, and local organizations doing good in their communities.


International Partners
We believe in working with an in-country host for all of our international projects, so our work may be most useful to the community and our solutions may reflect the true needs of the locals. The ETHOS Center works with in-country hosts that sponsor our projects, enable authentic cultural immersions and provide local perspectives to our solutions.
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Domestic Partners
We work with organizations across the country committed to the development of sustainable technologies, renewable energy, appropriate land-use, and community development.
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Greater Dayton Partners

We partner with local nonprofit groups to give our students the opportunity to put their engineering knowledge and skills to use for the betterment of their community. 

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Potential Partners
Is your organization interested in partnering with The ETHOS Center? Our students put their engineering and technical skills to use for the common good and can be a valuable asset to your organization.
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The Ethos Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

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