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The Ethos Center

Overview of The Ethos Center

The mission of The Ethos Center is to provide an integrative and transformative intercultural experience for all University of Dayton engineering students, while serving the technical needs of community organizations in an appropriate and sustainable manner. Such experiences expose students to alternative technologies that are based on science and engineering principles but have tangible impacts on improving the lives of those who use them.

ETHOS challenges students to think creatively and independently, to work as a team and communicate effectively.  Our students address critical issues present in our world: appropriate technology development, environmental ethics and social responsibility. Such exposure allows students to recognize the positive and negative effects of engineering and technology, to develop their professional skills and to improve their intercultural competencies. Furthermore, it brings to light the responsibilities of being an engineer in our increasingly global society.

Past projects that students have worked on include developing:

  • fuel-efficient wood-burning stoves,
  • solar cookers, 
  • water systems--supply, filtration, wastewater treatment, greywater systems, irrigation and rainwater collection, 
  • dryers, distillers, dehydrators,
  • photovoltaics and wind turbines,
  • energy use analysis,
  • infrastructure and building design and construction,
  • STEM education,
  • improved accessibility for people of all abilities,
  • urban agricultural solutions, 
  • logistics and operational efficiency. 

Partnering with The ETHOS Center


The ETHOS Center provides several partnership opportunities:

  • A semester-long internship. Generally, 1-2 engineering students work at an internship site. A typical internship is 10+ weeks. Students research relevant technology in a required class before travel, and they focus their work on technology implementation throughout the internship. We are also offering remote internship opportunities in which students can work from home or from campus on projects for our partners. In summer of 2020, we connected 19 students with 13 partners in Dayton and across the country, and students successfully completed a number of projects while working remotely. We are continuing this program during the 2020-2021 academic year and are planning to incorporate international partners into our remote program. We are also continuing to offer onsite internship opportunities for our domestic partners. 
  • A breakout. Breakouts last 10-14 days and are usually comprised of a group of 6-10 students who can work together to complete a project. Current breakout programs are on-hold because of the covid-19 pandemic. We are open to hosting remote breakout opportunities. 
  • A weekend retreat. Groups of 6-10 students spend a weekend at your organization providing direct service and learning about what you do.  Current weekend retreat programs are on hold; however, we are open to hosting remote weekend retreat opportunities. 

Partnering with The ETHOS Center provides many benefits to your organization:

  • Interns help develop and design appropriate technology to meet your needs,
  • Interns perform experiments and analyze experimental data on projects relevant to your work,
  • Interns adapt knowledge from the University of Dayton to meet local needs,
  • Interns leverage expertise of university faculty
  • Interns provide additional human resources needed to achieve your goals.
  • Interns inject new energy, enthusiasm, and perspectives into your work. 

Interested in learning more about partnering with The ETHOS Center?

If your organization is interested in partnering with The ETHOS Center, contact Kelly Bohrer at or 937-229-3698.


The Ethos Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

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