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Political Science

Information for Students

Internships provide students with unique opportunities to apply what they learn and experience on campus in "real world" settings. Four different internships are available to undergraduate students. Learn more about these programs:

  • Government Internships provide students with public sector experience at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Legal Internships are designed for students considering law school. Students will work in a law firm or a local, state or federal court. Efforts are made to place students into internships that match their legal interests, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Political Internships give students the opportunity to experience work in partisan politics, either working for the office of an elected official or on a political campaign.
  • Human Rights Internships enable students to work for organizations or individuals advancing human rights. Commonly this takes the form of work with non-profit agencies.

The Washington Center Internship Program provides students with the complete experience of living and working in the Washington, DC area. This semester long program places students in an internship while they take one additional academic class. Students also attend speaker series, professional development programs, and social and networking events. Possible placements include Congress, the White House, federal agencies, national party organizations, public interest groups, and lobbying firms.

Internship Guidelines

Credit is generally awarded in three semester hour increments. The internship coordinator and the department chair reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy as needed.

Requirements for Academic Credits

Internships for academic credit require that students complete a number of assignments. These assignments are listed on the internship contract that students and their supervisors sign at the beginning of the internship.  A link to the contract can be found at right.

Washington Center Internship Program

The Washington Center provides students with the full experience of living and work in the Washington, DC area. Students participating in the Washington Center will complete:

  • An internship arranged by The Washington Center (guided by student preference)
  • One academic course (Selected from a list of classes arranged by The Washington Center)
  • The Leadership Forum; a series of speakers, career boot camps, and more
  • Networking and social activities designed to teach students about living and working in Washington, DC

Students receive a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours for participating: nine (9) semester hours for POL 495 (a Pass/Fail grade) and three (3) semester hours for a course offered by the Washington Center. Students pay standard tuition to the University of Dayton for the semester. Housing is offered by the Washington Center.

Internships can be funded by the Ohio Congressional Intern Fund. This fund is connected to the Washington Center and provides financial assistance to college students in Ohio. Although not guaranteed, most students (on average) receive between $2,400 and $3,000 of assistance.

Other Washington DC Internships

Students participating in internships other than those offered by the Washington Center can receive twelve (12) semester hours of credit, nine (9) semester hours of POL 495 and three (3) semester hours of POL 431 (Independent Study). Only POL 431 will receive a letter grade.

Students interested in internships in Washington DC should contact the Internship Coordinator.


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