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Political Science

Healthcare Administration Concentration

The medical and health services management field is growing much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The goal of this program is to prepare graduates for careers in the health care sector.

The program joins expertise in health communication with health policy and administration to provide a strong foundation in healthcare administration, preparing students for an array of careers in healthcare settings. 60-63 semester hours are required. Students will graduate with a double major in communication and political science with a concentration in healthcare administration.

Incoming students can select either political science or communication as their major. At the conclusion of their first semester, students can declare the double major with the healthcare administration concentration.

About Our Program
Program Details

This unique program focuses on community health, policy and communication, to prepare students for work in a complex, growing, and important sector of society. The undergraduate pathway is a concentration in healthcare administration for students who double major in communication and political science. The program also includes classes in the department of health and sport science.


The program has a unique focus on how to communicate health policy issues and stresses the importance of community health issues in understanding how health intersects with everyday lives and with the larger society.

This program will prepare graduates who are broadly versed in the complexity of health communication, policy and application necessary to begin a healthcare administration profession in healthcare uniquely positioned to speak across disciplines. The program prepares graduates for careers in the health care sector, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the U.S. gross domestic product.