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Recent Undergraduate Research Presentations

A UD student participates in class

Our students are very involved in faculty-mentored and independent research. They are often provided an opportunity to present their research at local, regional and national conferences and symposia.

Student Presentations

"Defect studies in Ge and GeSn thin films grown on Si" was presented by Christina Scott at the March 2019 meeting of the American Physical Society.

Rachel Adams, Said Elhamri, Hadley Smith, Madelyn Hill, Zachery Biegler, Kurt Eyink and Amber Reed presented “Optical properties of reactive magnetron sputtered Aluminum Nitride for use in hyperbolic metamaterials” at the Spring 2019 meeting of the Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society.

Several of our students presented at the 2019 University of Dayton Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • “A Wigner Function approach in an Interferometry setup" by Jason Bassil.
  • “Photoluminescence study of Ga-free and Ga-containing Sb-based superlattices for mid-infrared applications” by Logan Cordonnier, Said Elhamri, Shin Mou, Heather Haugan and John Hudgins.
  • “Hyperdoping for infrared detection and night vision applications” by Peter Hadchiti.
  • “4-bit Memory application of telecom wavelength optically switched GST” by Ryan Laing, Gary Sevison, Imad Agha and Joshua Burrow.
  • “Using high-dimensional entanglement and mutually unbiased bases to identify a target state for quantum computing and cryptography” by Ryan Massie and Bill Plick.

"Fabrication of Periodic Poled Lithium Niobate for Three-wave Mixing" was presented by Christina Scott at the NASA/Ohio Space Grant Consortium 2018-19 Annual Student Research Symposium Proceedings XXVII.

Several students presented research with their faculty mentors at the Fall 2018 meeting of the Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society:

  • Rachel L. Adams, Hadley A. Smith, Zachary J. Biegler, Madelyn J. Hill, Said Elhamri, Albert M. Hilton, Kurt G. Eyink, Brandon M. Howe and Amber N. Reed presented “Effects of deposition parameters on the optical and piezoelectric properties of Aluminum Scandium Nitride.” 
  • Christina E. Scott, Yining Liu and Jay A. Mathews.“Characterization of mode-locked fiber lasers” by Kyle Hagan and Andy Chong presented “Measurement of defect densities in Ge films grown on Si.”

Our students presented the following research at this national conference:

  • “Hall Effect Studies of LPCVD grown beta-Ga2O3 on Sapphire” by Dani Smith, Said Elhamri, Adam T. Neal, Hongping Zhao and Shin Mou.
  • “On the Hall Effect Measurements” by Gina Lucia, Arthur Siwecki, Mohamed Ahoujja and Said Elhamri.
  • “The Self-healing of Disordered Bessel Beams” by Solange Tumusange and Andy Chong.


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