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Opportunities and Activities

Physics majors are encouraged to take advantage of activities within and outside of the department to enhance their learning experience.

Society of Physics Students gathering

The University of Dayton chapter of the Society of Physics Students is an active and outstanding club of students. With over 40 members and students from a variety of majors, students meet monthly to plan events including physics related activities, fund raising, service projects and social events. The group elects their own officers. The group's activities are designed with the goal of building an on-campus community with a mutual interest in physics.

Review Leader Program group shot

The Review Leader Program was conceived to provide additional academic support for students enrolled in SCI 190. The program pairs a physics major with an education major for each section of SCI 190 offered in a given semester.

Review leaders attend all regularly scheduled lectures in a given section. Twice a week, review sessions are offered and managed by the review leaders. Through these sessions, students enrolled in the class are able to interact directly with the leaders. Since review leaders attend the class lecture, they are able to provide support specialized to the particular instructor of the course.

As part of their participation in the program, our leaders meet regularly with the program coordinator and must formulate a semester project which is based upon the material covered in SCI 190. Once completed, the project is presented publicly. The project enhances the science content understanding of the review leaders and provides a forum for the development of the their presentation skills.

For more information, please contact Dr. Said Elhamri, founding program coordinator.


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