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The Ethos Center

Summer 2023 Student Experiences

The Ethos Center had 60 students participate in breakouts and immersions with 15 different community partners around the world. Students traveled to:

  • Guatemala on a breakout over spring break to build an aquaponics system using solar panels  
  • Ecuador on a breakout in May to live and work with community members to build a new clean water system
  • Six different countries participating in semester-long summer international immersions in Ghana, Kenya, Bolivia, India, Guatemala, and Antigua and Barbuda
  • Vermont, South Carolina and Washington on domestic immersions across the country including local immersions with our partners here in Dayton    
  • Dayton, Ohio in a "reciprocal exchange" with our partner, Academic City, in Ghana who sent three of their engineering students
Student Stories
Ethos International Breakout: Ecuador

 "Through the Ethos Center and partner, Tandana Foundation, I had the incredible opportunity to live and engage with a community near Otavalo, Ecuador, to help design and install a water distribution system that will provide the community with clean drinking water. My most cherished memory is when we (students and community members) enjoyed a field day in celebration of the hard work we accomplished that week. This experience has profoundly impacted me as an engineering student by broadening my perspective and emphasizing the importance of social responsibility in engineering. In the future, I plan to continue pursuing projects involving water infrastructure that promote sustainable solutions and create value for those in need.”

-Adriana G.

Ethos International Immersion: Bolivia

“I traveled to Buena Vista, Bolivia where my fellow Ethos student and I designed a hydroponic system for rural areas in the community. We worked with Etta Projects, who has a mission to co-create sustainable solutions to improve health, sanitation and clean water. One favorite memory was traveling to La Paz to immerse in Bolivian culture and meet indigenous peoples. This experience impacted me as an engineering student by showing me that a solution doesn't have to be elaborate and involve complex technology. Many places do not have the resources we do and have different socio/cultural contexts, so designing simple and appropriate solutions by being creative and working towards a common goal was nice.”

— Jenna F.

Ethos Local Immersion: Dayton, Ohio

“This past summer I worked at United Rehabilitation Services with the Adult Day Services Program, a program for adults with developmental or acquired disabilities. I created a remote training program for their technological services, including their recording studio, 3D printers and sound and display systems. My favorite part was getting to know the clients and gaining a different perspective on engineering in healthcare. The clients showed me how important and impactful it is to incorporate universal design with all engineering projects. This has been so valuable to me as I am currently on a second co-op rotation as a design engineer with Johnson & Johnson. Everyday, I get to incorporate my unique perspective around design that I gained working at United Rehabilitation Services through Ethos.”

— Clare P.

Experiencing the Ethos of UD

Three Academic City University College students in Ghana participated in a study-abroad experiential learning program through the School of Engineering’s Ethos Center. To further enhance global perspectives in its programs and initiatives, the School has partnered with Academic City since 2019. Fred McBagonluri ’05, president and provost of Academic City and a graduate of UD’s materials engineering doctoral program, has been one of the prime facilitators of this partnership. Alumni and Friends Making an Impact Blog


The Ethos Center

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