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Political Science

Information for Host Offices and Organizations

Successful internships require students motivated to work and learn and host offices/organizations committed to ensuring students have sufficient work and guidance. The Department of Political Science is dedicated to ensuring high quality students are paired with offices/organizations prepared to host them. 

To that end, a "Best Practices" document is available to help guide hosts as they develop their internship program. Additionally, the Department’s Internship Coordinator is available to work with hosts to develop an effective internship program.

All academic internships through the Department of Political Science require an evaluation from the student’s immediate supervisor. This document should be submitted to the Internship Coordinator by email or fax (937-229-1400). Evaluations must be received before the end of the academic semester. It is the responsibility of the student intern to ensure this document is submitted.

All required documents may be accessed from the links below.


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