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Programs for Undergraduates

Our programs are intended to serve students who plan to pursue careers related to engineering and science, or who plan to enter graduate study in any area of the mathematical sciences including actuarial science and statistics.  We offer two undergraduate programs of study, a degree in Applied Mathematics Economics, and a degree in Mathematics.  Both degrees equip students with the quantitative skills required in today's workplace. 

For information about our programs for undergraduates, click here to contact the Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics.

A B.S. in applied mathematics economics allows you to develop the skills necessary for careers in economics, finance or actuarial science or the social sciences or to enter graduate study in economics. The applied mathematical economics program is offered jointly by the Department of Economics and Finance and the Department of Mathematics. You don't have to wait until after graduation to begin using your skills and analyzing the world around you. By participating in the internship or cooperative education program, you can investigate your career interests while gaining work experience as an undergraduate. This degree culminates in a capstone project in economics with opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary, team-oriented research experiences.

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A degree in mathematics prepares you to pursue careers in engineering and science or to enter graduate study in any area of the mathematical sciences, including actuarial science and statistics. This program culminates in a mathematics capstone project on a topic in theoretical or applied mathematics, with opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary, team-oriented research experiences.

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In addition to a minor in Mathematics for students outside the department, we offer a minor in Actuarial Science and a minor in Data Analytics. These minors can be combined with any major, and complement a degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematical Economics by equipping you with the quantitative ability and practical skills employers crave.

  • The Minor in Actuarial Science combines courses in the Department of Mathematics with classes from various areas in the School of Business and prepares students for the first two exams which can be taken before graduation, providing a crucial advantage in landing internships and entry level positions in actuarial and related industries.
  • The Minor in Data Analytics develops students’ statistical reasoning skills and practical knowledge of data analysis, data visualization, statistics, programming, and machine learning. The minor emphasizes tools and techniques widely used across industry and academic disciplines and aims to prepare students to work with different types of data and conduct and communicate quality data analyses in their subject areas of interest.

With UD's Bachelor Plus Master's program, you can earn your bachelor's degree and a master's degree at an accelerated pace, often completing a master's degree within just one year of earning your bachelor's degree.

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Graduate Programs

For information about our graduate programs, click here to contact the Graduate Director of the Department of Mathematics.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics will find professional opportunities in a variety of industries that utilize advanced mathematics. The program combines a core mathematics background, a four course concentration tailored to the interests and background of each student, and a semester long capstone experience.

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