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Center for Social Concern

Get Involved through Campus Ministry's Center for Social Concern

If you keep up with the news, it's easy to get cynical and try to hide from the world. Faith calls us to the opposite response: hope and action. Feed the hungry. Shelter the homeless. Care for the sick. Tutor the kids who need help. Protect the vulnerable. Care for God's creation. Learn more about social problems. Lobby political and economic leaders to make positive changes. You can answer your call by getting involved in the multitude of CSC opportunities.

Graduation Pledge

Graduating seniors, do you want to continue to learn, lead, and serve beyond UD? Then the Grad Pledge is for you! The Graduation Pledge Alliance intends to "build a global community of graduates whose commitment to social and environmental responsibility in the workplace and in the rest of their lives is helping to build a healthy, sustainable, and just world." 

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Faith/Mission 03.03.22

The Center for Social Concern is pleased to congratulate Cheryl Sims, Assistant Director, Prospect Research in Advancement, as the 2022 Miryam Award recipient.

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Praying the News

Praying the News is a current event podcast that emphasizes the efforts of the students, faculty, and staff here at the University of Dayton who work to stop injustices here in our community and in the world.

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Center for Social Concern Opportunities
Social Justice Internships
There are lots of opportunities to get hands-on experience with social justice issues.
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UD Service Clubs
Campus Ministry’s Center for Social Concern currently sponsors over 30 different student-run service and social action clubs.  Find out more about service clubs on campus and get involved!
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Breakouts and Immersions
President 03.28.22

University of Dayton students took part in "a crash course on paying attention to life's intricacies and little wonders" when they traded their spring break for an unforgettable experience working with the Marianists in Ecuador.

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Human Rights 04.22.20

In light of the suspension of UD summer programs in response to COVID-19, recipient of the Human Rights Center’s summer grant 2019, Miranda Melone, reflects on her experiences in Zambia. Now more than ever, it is crucial to acknowledge our global interdependence and reflect on how it can be deepened.

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What is UDSAP, and what makes it so AMAZING!

Find out more about the UD Center for Social Concern UDSAP program and why you might want to get involved!

What is UDSAP, and what makes it so AMAZING!

Find out more about the UD Center for Social Concern UDSAP program and why you might want to get involved!

From the CSC...
Faith/Mission 04.01.20

“We must overturn so many idols,” Romero says, “the idol of self first of all, so that we can be humble, and only from our humility can we learn to be redeemers, can learn to work together in the way the world really needs.”

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UD students attend the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington DC  to learn, network, take action, reflect, pray, and grow in confidence and leadership.

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