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Center for Social Concern

The Two Feet of Social Action

Whoa! There are a lot of problems out there in the world! Poverty, war, climate change, racism... the list goes on and on. Yet people of faith (regardless of the faith tradition) are called to help make this world better. Catholic leaders and theologians talk about two general types of action--charity and justice. In the Center for Social Concern, we offer many opportunities for students to be involved in one or both of these. Walk with us!

Stay Up-to-Date

Every Tuesday, we send out an email newsletter called "Ways to Engage" with information on all the things that are coming up!

Join our GivePulse page to learn about service opportunities in the Dayton area and to register for SERVICE Saturdays, REAL Dayton, Plunges and lots more.


Campus Ministry's Center for Social Concern

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