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Global Languages and Cultures

In demand

Arabic is the native language of over 315 million people and the official language of 22 countries, and it’s used by more than a billion people for liturgical purposes. It is one of the six official languages at the United Nations Organization. There is high demand for bilingual Arabic speakers across the U.S. and around the globe.

  • Opportunity

    Easy access to a world of well-paid career opportunities.

  • Double minors

    Obtaining an Arabic minor can lead to the second interdisciplinary minor in Middle Eastern Studies with only an additional six semester hours.

  • First

    Largest production and reserves of oil in the Arab world.

High-quality education

Students of all disciplines can obtain a minor in Arabic with 12 semester hours. More than six semester hours may be CAP courses that fulfill all majors’ requirements and allow student to earn an additional minor in the middle Eastern and North Africa Studies.

According to International Studies student Roy Wood, “taking Arabic has been the most rewarding and personable experience I have had in my time at the university. As an International Studies major in ROTC, Arabic has provided countless opportunities for me to further pursue my interests and experience an entirely new way of life." Annemarie Rizzo, a Criminal Justice and Security Studies major, said, “if I could describe my experience taking Arabic at UD in one word, I would call it rewarding. I have grown to love this language and look forward to developing old skills and learning new material every class.”

Classes in Arabic are small and offer a learner-centered proficiency-oriented sequence of courses at all levels. Moving between high-quality education and fun, learning activities enable students to achieve the academic outcomes designed per each course.

Featured programs and initiatives
Career opportunities

The job market for bilingual Arabic speakers is rapidly expanding, and the number of open positions is higher than the number of qualified candidates. The study of Arabic will prepare students to add an international component to their career opportunities including, but not limited to, nonprofit and international relations organizations, government, communication and Business.

Scholarship and internship opportunities

For strategic partnerships, security and stability purposes, the Department of Defense, intelligences agencies such as the CIA and FBI, international nonprofit organizations and businesses provide students with a variety internships and fully funded study abroad scholarships (Critical Language Scholarship, the Boren, the National Security Education Program, ProJet Go, etc.).

Arabic Language Club

The Arabic Language Club promotes the learning of the Arabic language and Arab-culture through community activities and social interaction between native and non-native speakers of Arabic on the University of Dayton's campus. The club is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Arabic culture through a range of discussions from Arabic media, Arabic film series, documentaries, a weekly Arabic conversation table and Arabic cultural events with the collaboration of Middle Eastern clubs.