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Faculty Research Projects

Gathering evidence, reaching conclusions - our faculty are committed to learning and teaching about the events that have shaped the world in which we live.

Upcoming Activities
Julius Amin

Julius Amin is a Professor of History and the Alumni Chair in Humanities. He looks forward to hosting the Alumni Chair in Humanities Symposium on Race March 2 through 4, 2021. The symposium is entitled "Revisiting Critical Examination of our Times: The State of Race on the University of Dayton Campus and the Larger Dayton Community."

Learn more about the Alumni Chair in Humanities
Ongoing Research and Past Activities
Janet Bednarek

Janet, a leading expert on the history of aviation, shed light on the efforts to privatize airports in an NPR story in November 2019.

Visit NPR to read this story >

Faisal Chaudhry

As a legal historian, Faisal’s research interests focus on an understanding of the role of law and economy in the transition from the ‘early modern’ to the ‘modern’ age (between the 18 and 20th centuries) in the Eastern Islamicate world.

He is currently conducting archival research that examines heterodox legal and economic ideas in forging new understandings of the relationship between state, society and the market among anti-colonialists and agitators for freedom in colonial and early independence-era South Asia. A longer-term project examines idioms of land control, property, and rights in early modern Persianate legal cultures.

Read Faisal Chaudry's complete faculty profile >

Ashleigh Lawrence Sanders

Ashleigh conducts research on the history racism in the United States and it's impact on today's society, with topics such as the history of Black Americans in film and outward signs of racism around us, including Confederate monuments.

She was recently interviewed by Keith Harris, for his podcast "keith harris - the rogue historian." Read more and listen >

Ashleigh's blog post on the Black Perspectives website of the African American History Society is entitled "Beyond Monuments: African Americans Contesting Civil War Memory, Black Perspectives." Read this story >

Ashleigh was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera English about the banning the Confederate flag from U.S. military sites. Listen to the interview >


Todd Uhlman

Todd and his students created a website about the history of the Dayton Arcade. The site is part of the Dayton History Project and contains information about Dayton history, oral histories from Dayton residents, a slide show showcasing images of the Arcade throughout the years, document archives and more.

Visit the website >

Caroline Waldron

Caroline was featured with a member spotlight on the American Historical Association website in 2018, where she discussed her work and research in the areas of transnationalism, gender, labor and immigration.

Read this spotlight >


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