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Computer Science

Real hands-on computing experience

In the Department of Computer Science at the University of Dayton, the senior design course sequence is the culminating experience for our students. We offer a discipline that focuses on the complete software development process including design, implementation and testing. Every year we matriculate upwards of 40 students who provide software solutions for projects pitched by our industry partners. This is where your organization comes in.

The department is currently soliciting prospective project proposals for upcoming Capstone series.

Prospective projects should have a scope to accommodate 2-4 students and be representative of real-world problems necessitating the use of relevant technologies.

The department would like to point out that there is no requirement as to the specific technologies that these projects employ. The desire is to generate a large pool of projects that pose unique challenges for our students.

  • September–October: Open solicitation of prospective capstone projects
  • October–December: Students work on requirement engineering, analysis, and design 
  • January–May: Students actively work on the development of the project

To learn more about the project proposal details, please visit our overview.

Project proposals must be submitted to the Capstone Project Team via the project proposal form no later than mid-October. Proposals can also be submitted by emailing us.

To explore historical information and prototypes of capstone projects dating back to the Fall 2018, visit our webpage.


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