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Art and Design

What We Do

Collectively, the Department of Art and Design faculty, staff, and students advance the conviction that visual culture matters in society and that it matters to make, display, critique, and contextualize the visual arts as academic activities in a university setting.

Our faculty teach the perceptual, practical, and critical skill necessary for the creation and understanding of art and design in a variety of media and contexts.

We teach the history of the applied and fine arts and cultivate the ability to appreciate and articulate their meaning and value. The department emphasizes the highly integrative nature of art and design and their immense cultural and personal importance.

We offer six degrees plans across the arts, including the professional degrees - BFA in Fine Arts, BFA in Photography, BFA in Graphic Design, BFA in Art Education, BA in Art History – as well as the generalist degree, the BA in Visual Arts. Explore our degree programs.


Art and Design Foundations

Foundation courses introduce students to fundamental principles, practices, materials, and vocabulary. They provide a background of skill development and an understanding of primary concepts as well as a basis for critical evaluation. All foundation courses share the objective of preparing students to face the challenges of their specific disciplines.

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Our Faculty: Advisors and Mentors

Faculty advisors work with students through out their four years of study. They mentor their students as they master new skills and develop a deep understanding of the professional qualities of their discipline. In addition to course work and internship opportunities, students exhibit their work on campus and engage in lively critiques of new art during their years at UD.

Meet our faculty

Department of Art and Design

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