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Art and Design

We have the right art program for you.

The Department of Art and Design is committed to providing a sound visual arts education within the broader context of liberal arts learning. We strive to provide the best art and design programs in the Midwest and across the country through the following programs:

  • The Bachelor of Art in art history provides familiarity with Western and non-Western traditions. Students learn to appreciate the role of visual arts in our lives. 
  • The Bachelor of Arts in visual arts is a flexible, broad liberal arts program with supportive studies from all areas of visual arts.
  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education offers theoretical knowledge and direct experience in the studio arts, crafts, photography, graphic design and art history.
  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in fine arts demands a commitment to creating images that identify and critique society, working toward the preservation and advancement of culture.
  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design prepares the student to channel knowledge and creativity toward inventive and effective design solutions.
  • The Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography teaches technical skills while furthering the development of aesthetic understanding of the transformative effects of photography.

All students, after their first year of foundation-level coursework, undergo a review of scholarship that supports their advancement in technical and conceptual skills and in reasoning and acquisition of knowledge. Coursework in the second and third years builds depth of experience, integration of knowledge and professional development. All students, in their Senior Capstone courses, create visual portfolios they can present to potential employers or to graduate programs for advanced study.

The University of Dayton is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


The department also offers minors in each area and we collaborate with the School of Engineering's Integrated Arts and Technology minor.

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We’d love to meet with you. Schedule an academic appointment by calling our department at 937-229-3237 or email us at If you’d like to schedule a general campus visit or tour, learn about the options available through the link below.

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