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Alumni Chair in Humanities

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The Alumni Chair in Humanities provides leadership in establishing the humanities in the curriculum and in the broader intellectual life of the community; assists other humanities faculty in developing interdisciplinary courses; organizes humanities symposia; conducts research in the humanities; manages the humanities library fund; and maintains a visible presence for the humanities on campus.

Samuel Dorf is the Alumni Chair.

The previous seven chairs are Professor Eugene August (English), Professor Michael Barnes (Religious Studies), Professor Richard Benedum (Music), Professor John Heitmann (History), Professor Patricia A. Johnson (Philosophy), Professor Ellen L. Fleischmann (History) and Professor Julius A. Amin (History).

Each chair has traditionally chosen to focus a large part of her or his endeavors on a broad-ranging theme that is of critical interest to the university community. 

Further information on the work, programs, resources, and support that the Office can provide to UD faculty, students and the public are located on this site.

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Alumni Chair in Humanities

Zehler Hall
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