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Alumni Chair in Humanities

Global Voices Virtual Symposium:
Africa in our Century

The 2022 Global Voices Symposium was presented virtually March 1-2, 2022.

Event Overview

Since 2017, the UD Global Voices Symposium has served our community by presenting stimulating and thought-provoking programs on global awareness and global engagement. In 2022, the symposium proudly presented “Africa in Our Century," examining the growing importance of this continent for our present and our future. As with past programs, the 2022 symposium drew on the experiences and expertise of individuals from our UD campus and community leaders to discuss activities and initiatives which promote global education and engagement. 

Symposium Sessions

Africa in Our Century: Setting the context

Host: Julius Amin (University of Dayton)

Student Session: Perspectives on global education and impact

Hosts: Khensani Ngwenya (Sinclair Community College), Jayme Shackleford (University of Dayton), Abdur-Raheem Inkosi-Shabazz (Central State University)

Resetting global awareness during the global pandemic

Hosts: Corinne Brion (University of Dayton), Joann Wright Mawasha (City of Dayton), Satang Nabaneh (University of Dayton), Shannen Williams (University of Dayton)

New directions to promote global education on college campuses and communities

Hosts: Furaha Henry-Jones (Sinclair Community College), Jennifer Subban (Wright State), Sangita Gosalia (University of Dayton), Karla Guinigundo (Miami, Ohio, University)

Keynote: Unlocking Africa’s potential in a time of competition between rising and global powers

Hosts: Landry Signé (Arizona State)


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