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Alumni Chair in Humanities

2020 Alumni Chair in Humanities Symposium: Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus

March 2-3, 2020 

The 2020 Global Voices Symposium builds on previous symposia and conversations to promote global consciousness and awareness on campus and beyond. It draws on the expertise of alumni, faculty, staff, students and community leaders to address the significant topic of creating an inclusive community. In doing so, it delves into issues of difference, race, gender, and human rights. The issues raised are timely and point to the urgency of having conversations that bring awareness to those issues.

Monday, March 2

Why Symposium on Global Voices Remains Relevant in Campus and Local Community’s Discourse?

3 to 5 p.m. in Kennedy Union Torch Lounge

Panelists: Chair, Chris Agnew (University of Dayton); Joann Mawasha (City of Dayton); Furaha Henry-Jones (Sinclair Community College); Ernesto Velasquez (University of Dayton); Shelley Inglis (University of Dayton); Bernard Jones Jr. '12 (University of Dayton); Karla Guinigundo (Miami University).

These panelists address the question of relevance and importance of globalization on the college campus. They approach the topic through different lenses as they discuss a wide array of experiences. Their presentations more fully humanize the impact of global awareness and raise questions and challenges vital to the overall symposium conversation.

Tuesday, March 3

Student Voices on Global Consciousness

9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Kennedy Union Torch Lounge

Panelists: Chair, Maya Smith-Custer (University of Dayton); Emily Shanahan (University of Dayton); Malon Hood (University of Dayton); Miranda Melone (University of Dayton); Veronica Halfacre (University of Dayton); Elizabeth Henninger (University of Dayton); Isabel Gerardino Rios (University of Dayton).

This panel brings together students from different organizations and disciplines to share their experiences with global awareness and consciousness. Their presentations focus on various themes including race, gender, privilege, human rights, and wealth and poverty. Each student concludes by suggesting ways in which UD can fully turn its mission of forging an inclusive community into reality.

Alumni Voices of the African Immersion Experience

12 to 2 p.m. in Kennedy Union Torch Lounge
Includes a light buffet lunch on a first come first served basis.

Panelists: Chair, Mary Niebler (University of Dayton); Jessica Saunders (Dayton Children's Hospital); Hayley Ryckman Ruland (Jorgensen Associates); Adanna Smith (Attorney-at Law); Frances Albanese (Brenner Children’s Hospital); Ben Kolber (Duquesne University).

These panelists participated in the Cameroon Immersion when they were students at UD. The experience impacted them in immeasurable ways. They emerged from the African immersion with a new understanding and awareness of the interconnected nature of the global community. They bring to the conversation important perspectives on the values of global awareness and consciousness. 

Enhancing Global Awareness on Campus

3 to 5 p.m. in Kennedy Union West Ballroom

Panelists: Chair, Sangita Gosalia (University of Dayton); Martha Hurley (College of Arts and Sciences); Shuang-Ye Wu (College of Arts and Sciences); Treavor Bogard (School of Education and Health Sciences); Anne Crecelius (School of Education and Health Sciences); Philip Appiah-Kubi (School of Engineering); Susan Wawrose (School of Law).

These panelists participated in UD's Global Education Seminar (GES) program. While some did their experience in China, others went to South America and Africa. GES is a faculty development initiative designed to promote global consciousness and awareness on campus. It expands faculty knowledge and interest in international affairs with hopes that the message will be transmitted campus-wide.

Keynote Address: “A Dayton, Ohio Community Casts Two Challenging Questions: Why Does Africa Matter? Why Care about Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis?”

7 to 8:30 p.m. in Kennedy Union Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Julius A. Amin, Alumni Chair in Humanities and professor of history, University of Dayton. (Shown above.) 

The address builds on the themes of global awareness by examining how and why events taking place in Africa directly impacts our local community. The speech will be important as it emphasizes those themes which are integral to the University’s mission.

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