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The Criminal Justice Studies Program (CJS) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. The major is composed of an interdisciplinary curriculum comprised of faculty in sociology, anthropology, social work, political science, and psychology. Students majoring in criminal justice can construct their major from a broad array of social science courses. The department and program offer numerous opportunities to engage in service learning and participate in our well-developed internship program that offers placements in community, corporate, or justice administration agencies at the local, state, or federal level.

The interdisciplinary program's scholarly structure assists students in:

  • understanding both the instruments and institution of law, our normative legal system and the criminal justice process,
  • identifying the various fundamental propositions of justice, the myths regarding coercive power and the reductionist view of rationality in traditional criminal justice thought, and
  • contributing to a more humanistic generation who are willing to address the social, political, and economic roots of criminality while advancing the cause of civic responsibility.

We also offer a minor in Criminal Justice Studies, which can comliment any undergraduate degree program with 18-19 semester hours of coursework.

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