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About the Bachelor Plus Master Program

Earn both your bachelor's degree and master's degree at the University of Dayton through one streamlined program.

The 5-year “Bachelors Plus Masters” (BPM) degree option allows bachelor of science students majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry to obtain both a bachelor of science (B.S.) and a master of science (M.S.) degree in chemistry in five years. The B.S. degree is earned in the first four years, with the M.S. degree being earned in the fifth year.

BPM students are charged at the regular undergraduate tuition rate for their first four years, and are offered an ~30% discounted rate (the graduate tuition rate) for the 24 semester hours of graduate coursework they must complete in their fifth year. To help support their M.S. degree completion, several paid teaching opportunities in the chemistry department are available for BPM students.

To enter the BPM degree program, interested students should take 6 semester hours of 500-level cross-listed chemistry courses by the end of their fourth year. In addition, BPM students must establish a research collaboration with a chemistry faculty member by no later than the end of the first semester of their fourth year. BPM students will continue this research collaboration with a full summer of research immersion between their fourth and fifth years. Candidates with a GPA of 3.2 or higher after completing 60 hours of undergraduate work are invited to apply.

With UD's Bachelor's Plus Master's (BPM) program, you can earn your bachelor's degree and a master's degree at an accelerated pace - often completing your master's degree within just one year of earning your bachelor's degree.

You'll also receive a discounted rate once you've completed your bachelor's degree, saving 30% or more per credit hour on your graduate tuition. That's less than half the cost of an undergraduate credit hour.


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