Common Academic Program (CAP)


The Common Academic Program (CAP) is a curricular innovation that began in Fall 2013. It serves as the foundation of a UD education and is a learning experience that is shared in common among all undergraduate students at UD, regardless of their major. The CAP’s distinctive structure is built on the notion that, while students will have unique experiences at UD, all academic programs and services are informed by the seven learning goals articulated in the Habits of Inquiry and Reflection (HIR).

The CAP is an evolving, flexible curriculum that is responsive to the changing times while remaining grounded in the HIR principles and Catholic and Marianist intellectual traditions. Students begin with a set of courses that all UD undergraduate students complete, after which they put together a program that suits their own interests and goals. Both curricular and co-curricular aspects of students life at the University of Dayton resonate with the seven learning goals.

Why the CAP?

We live in a global society that is constantly changing. As tomorrow's leaders, UD students will need to understand its complexity and how to respond thoughtfully to its challenges and opportunities.

The CAP introduces important topics across a wide range of academic disciplines. Students will learn to value and synthesize diverse points of view and to examine issues critically, yet with an open mind.

The CAP integrates traditional learning with life experiences, theory with application, and practicality with creativity.

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