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Common Academic Program


Innovative Curriculum

The Common Academic Program is a learning experience that is shared in common among all undergraduate students, regardless of their major. The CAP’s distinctive structure is built on the notion that, while students will have unique experiences at UD, all academic programs and learning encounters are informed by the seven institutional learning goals. Students begin with a set of courses that all undergraduate students complete and then put together a program that suits their own interests and goals as they progress throughout our developmental model.

Sharing Commonality in Our Aspirations

Evolving & Flexible

Responsive to the changing times while remaining grounded in the habits of inquiry & reflection principles and Catholic and Marianist intellectual traditions.

Integrated Approach

Builds and demonstrates connections across curricular and co-curricular aspects of student learning.

CAP provides such flexibility to carve unique learning opportunities and a choice of courses which touch on my interests and experience in a more explicit way.

Samuel Attea

Economics & International Studies

CAP Highlights

Humanities Commons

To establish a foundation for learning, Humanities Commons is framed to exhibit the value of humanistic inquiry and reflection, and challenges students to ask: What does it mean to be human?

Principles of Oral Communication

CMM 100 examines the importance of communication in achieving mutual understanding and provides the opportunity to demonstrate effective and ethical dialogue.

Social Science Interdisciplinary

SSC 200 is a theme-based course that varies across sections but shares common learning outcomes related to scholarship, critical evaluation of our times, and human diversity.

Diversity & Social Justice

With a responsibility to promote the dignity, rights and responsibilities of all persons and peoples, DSJ engages dimensions of social justice, bias, intercultural competence and intersectionality.



McGrath Research Award

for Research in Catholic Intellectual Traditions in a Common Academic Program course.


The Award recognizes students whose research in a CAP course demonstrates rigorous, deep, and creative engagement around Catholic Intellectual Traditions. Awardees are honored with a $500 stipend and present their work at the annual Catholic Intellectual Tradition Symposium.

Application, Awardees & Research

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