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Law Student Organizations

What Are You Interested In?

You can gain valuable experiences at Dayton Law by joining a student organization.

What Are You Interested In?

You can gain valuable experiences at Dayton Law by joining a student organization.

Student Organizations at Dayton Law

21st Amendment Society
The 21st Amendment Society promotes discussion of, education of and teaches students practical knowledge of the laws that govern liquor distribution, licensing and the business behind the alcohol industry.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance
The ADRA allows attorneys and their clients to settle disputes without resorting to litigation. 

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
The American Constitution Society strives to obtain equal access to justice for every American citizen and advocates for the enforcement of human dignity, individual rights, and equality under American law.

Asian and Pacific Islander Law Student Association
The Asian and Pacific Islander Law Student Association is an all-inclusive student organization committed to the sharing of Asian culture with the UDSL community.

Black Law Students Association
The Black Law Students Association helps retain current black law students and recruit new black law students to the University of Dayton School of Law and articulates and promotes the professional goals and needs of the black law students.

Business Law Society
The Business Law Society immerses its members in the numerous and varied aspects of Business Law.

Cannabis Law Society
The Cannabis Law Society examines laws concerning hemp and cannabis in the United States and their impact.

Christian Association of Leadership and Law (CALL)
The Christian Legal Society and the St. Thomas More Society have combined to form the Christian Association of Leadership and Law (CALL).
CALL aims to inspire, encourage and equip Christian lawyers and law students to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of law, as well as, promote community service and fellowship among UDSL students.

Criminal Law Association
The Criminal Law Association helps students learn about opportunities in the field of criminal law.

Dayton Bar Association - Student Division
The Dayton Bar Association - Student Division fosters support between UDSL students and the Dayton legal community.

Disability Law Society
The Disability Law Society raises awareness about disability within the UDSL community, supports students who are interested in pursuing a legal education while having a disability or who are interested in pursuing disability law and provides information and assistance to students, faculty, staff and community members regarding disability.

Environmental Law Society
The Environmental Law Society will promote awareness of environmental concerns, issues, and problems within the legal community; bridge the communication and information gaps between the scientific and political/legal communities; and enhance the law school experience for students interested in environmental issues confronting Ohio, the United States and the world.

Families and Couples Association
The Families and Couples Association aims to bring together students who have
family commitments, such as students with: children, spouses, significant others, nieces
and nephews, or any other student who wishes to support their classmates.

Fashion Law Society
The Fashion Law Society will explore legal issues around the fashion industry involving areas of the law like intellectual property, business and employment while connecting people through events such as networking opportunities and guest speakers.

Federal Bar Association Law Student Division
The Federal Bar Association Law Student Division's core goals include advocacy, networking, leadership, and learning.

Federalist Society
The Federalist Society seeks to broaden the debate and provide an alternative view to that which is often encountered in law schools.

Golf Club
The Golf Club provides students with an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle while building camaraderie between fellow students.

Health and Wellness Society
The Health and Wellness Society provides an outlet where law students learn necessary skills for stress relief during law school and further explore healthcare law.

Hispanic Law Student Association
The Hispanic Law Student Association promotes students' interest in the Hispanic law practicing community, encourages professional development in the study of law, serves as a forum for the discussion of professional and academic issues and acts as a support group for Hispanic students pursuing their J.D.

Honor Council
The Honor Council is responsible for investigating reports of academic dishonesty and promoting a culture of honor, professionalism, accountability and integrity at UDSL.

Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Group
The Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Group's purpose is to raise awareness about human rights issues both globally and locally.

Immigration Law Student Association
The Immigration Law Student Association promotes knowledge of Immigration Law and policies that affect various immigrant populations in the state of Ohio and in the United States.

Intellectual Property Law Society
Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) helps further students' understanding of intellectual property and keep abreast of the latest changes within this practice area.

International Law Society
The International Law Society provides students an opportunity to learn more about the practical aspects of practicing international law.

Justinian Forum
The Justinian Forum is a bar association representing attorneys and judges of Italian-American descent in the Cleveland area and was developed at the University of Dayton School of Law to promote and foster understanding of the roles of Italian-Americans in the legal system and to encourage advocacy of Italian-Americans in matters involving social justice issues.

Lambda Legal Student Association
The purpose of the Lambda Legal Student Association is to create an alliance between heterosexual individuals and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Law Review
The University of Dayton Law Review is a scholarly journal published three times annually by second- and third-year law students at the University of Dayton School of Law.

Law School Democrats
The Law School Dems are dedicated to sharing the ideals of the Democratic Party with the University of Dayton School of Law community.

Mock Trial
The National Mock Trial Competition is co-sponsored by the Young Texas Trial Lawyers and the American College of Trial Lawyers. The competition is divided into 14 regional competitions, which are held in February. The top two teams from each region advance to the final rounds in Houston, Texas.

Moot Court
To participate in the Moot Court team, second-year students must complete the Appellate Advocacy class and compete in the Walter H. Rice Competition. The board is comprised of former team members in their third year.

People's Parity Project
The People’s Parity Project is a nationwide movement of law students and attorneys organizing for a democratized legal system which empowers working people and opposes subordination in any form.

Phi Alpha Delta
Phi Alpha Delta is the UDSL student fraternity and is the largest student organization at the University of Dayton School of Law.

Probate and Estate Planning Law Society
The Probate and Estate Planning Society is focused on providing students interested in the areas of probate and estate planning law with access to the expertise and insights of practitioners in the field.

Republican Law Society
The Republican Law Society promotes a constructive political discourse on campus by sharing the ideals of the common good, a free society, and good government.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Society
The RBG Society is a student organization that focuses on public interest and civil rights law.

Second Amendment Society
The Second Amendment Society strives to educate our members about how the Second Amendment is viewed, used, and legislated in our society, today.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society
The Sports and Entertainment Law Society focuses on exploration and discussion of career opportunities and relevant issues in the fields of sport and entertainment.

Student Bar Association
The Student Bar Association is the student government at UDSL and helps facilitate the expression and representation of the student body.

Students for Bipartisan Policy & Advocacy
Students for Bipartisan Policy & Advocacy is a non-partisan entity committed to finding common ground to help advance meaningful policy change in Ohio.

Veterans and Military Advocacy Group
The Veterans and Military Advocacy Group (VMAG) provides support to area veterans and veteran organizations.

Volunteer Student Law Project
The Volunteer Student Law Project (VSLP) is dedicated to provide legal and nonlegal volunteer opportunities to law students.

Women In Law & Leadership 
Women In Law & Leadership builds relationships - professional, academic, and personal, and is committed to being an environment of girlfriends who work together to eliminate the perceived competition amongst women within the legal and academic field.


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