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Student Bar Association

Student Bar Association

The University of Dayton School of Law’s Student Bar Association is the sole representative voice of the law school student body. The SBA is the student government at UDSL and serves as a conduit to help facilitate the expression and representation of the student body. SBA board members serve as representatives of the student body to the faculty and administration of the law school. The SBA consists of an executive board, officers from each class and two ABA representatives. The ABA representatives advance the goals of UDSL through their participation with the American Bar Association Law Student Division. All board members are elected annually and serve one term, with the exception of the ABA representatives who serve two-year staggered terms.

Every law student at UDSL is a member of the SBA and has a voice. The SBA allocates funds to each student organization group according to member participation. Student groups are encouraged to coordinate academic, cultural, philosophical and social events and may receive additional funding from the SBA upon request and a board member vote. The SBA also promotes numerous social functions in addition to cosponsoring various educationally enriching programs within the school and community. The SBA meets bimonthly or upon request and meetings are open to all law students.

Executive Board
President - Jackson Bishop
Vice President - Gina Vuotto
Secretary - Scott Bellavia
Treasurer - Jordan Staley
ABA Representatives - Jackson Bishop and Gina Vuotto

3L Board
President - Carly Suierveld
Vice President - Zion Savory
Secretary - Mitchell Walton
Treasurer - Jennifer Mahan

2L Board
President - Gina Iacovangelo
Vice President - Dylan Hansel
Secretary - Craig Looper
Treasurer - Noelle DeRiso

1L Board
President - Nick Taylor 
Vice President - Katherine Schaaf
Secretary - John Jarecki
Treasurer - Maria Mancha 

Online Hybrid J.D.
President - Wendy Palmer
Treasurer - Megan Fry

Summer Start Board
President - Phoebe Cates
Treasurer - Cole Kirchoff

Contact: Jackson Bishop (


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