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Meet Our Alumni

Patrick Clunk '08
Patrick Clunk didn't wait until he was finished with law school to take the Patent Bar, officially known as the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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Kassidy Dees '16
Learn how the 2-Year J.D. program helped Kassidy Dees move on from one of the biggest challenges of her life.
Anna Glass '99
See how Anna Glass has used her law degree to pursue her passion for dance.
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Martin Hamlette '02
Shying away from a challenge was never something that plagued Martin Hamlette '02, J.D., M.H.A., executive director of the National Medical Association. He simply focused.
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Brittany Holzer '13
Brittany Holzer works with a diverse group of lawyers at Tucker Arensberg in downtown Pittsburgh and is a member of the Children’s Trust, an initiative of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.
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Allie Krueger '14
Allie Krueger's interest in patent law led her to a job handling patent applications in Munich, Germany.
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Brandon McClain '11
Brandon C. McClain, now Montgomery County Recorder, was before that a Magistrate in the Dayton Municipal Court, where he presided over cases in the areas of general civil litigation, traffic and criminal law.
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Jane Novick '12
Find out why a late start on going to law school hasn't kept Jane Novick from making a big difference for clients who have difficulty finding legal help.
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Shareef Rabaa '03
See how Shareef Rabaa started his own practice focused on brain injury law.
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Erin Rhinehart '04
Erin Rhinehart is a partner with Faruki+ with a diverse litigation practice focusing on media and communication law and class action defense.
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Hazel Rountree '99
Hazel Rountree serves as the Ombudsperson for Wright State University, a position tailor-made for a woman whose personal philosophy is, "Keep it real."
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Lori Shaw '83, '87
Lori Shaw serves as associate dean for academic affairs and professor of lawyering skills at the University of Dayton School of Law.
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