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Creating a New Student Organization

Expand Your Options

Can't find a good fit with our current law student organizations? Don't worry, you can create your own club — we encourage it!

Student Organization Requirements

Student organizations must be formally recognized to receive funding from the Student Bar Association and to use law school facilities. The requirements for recognition are below.

All law school organizations must:

  • Have a unique purpose with a concentration on the rule of law in the law school.
  • Complement the University of Dayton School of Law mission.
  • Complement the University of Dayton values.
  • Have five or more student members.
  • Have a University of Dayton School of Law faculty or staff advisor.
  • Read the Honor Code and Code of Conduct to understand what rights and responsibilities student organizations have at the University of Dayton School of Law.

Process for Starting New Organizations

  1. Begin the process by considering your organization’s values and drafting a constitution. The Office of Student Affairs has several examples of constitutions available.
  2. Think about which faculty/staff adviser would be a good fit for your organization and reach out to potential advisers.
  3. Seek out students who may be interested in joining your group.
  4. Meet with the Director of Student Life. You cannot host any events until after this step.
  5. Receive official University of Dayton approval.
  6. Be active on campus!
Benefits of Organization Recognition
  • Use of University of Dayton name with organization name
  • Ability to register events
  • Right to solicit contributions
  • Assistance with risk management
  • Use of University facilities and services
  • Eligible for SBA funding
  • Use of bulletin boards and signage

Other Things to Consider

How are you going to find new members, and what are you looking for in a member?

How often will you meet? When would you prefer to meet? What location would work for your group?

Organization leaders cannot be on disciplinary probation.

Adapted from the Center for Student Involvement


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