Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Group

Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Group

The Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Group's purpose is to raise awareness about human rights issues both locally and globally. We are also working to engage students to advocate for human rights in specific areas.

Student members will have to opportunity to engage and learn about areas such as:

Domestic Violence: Through partnerships with the Artemis Center and YWCA Dayton, HRAA helped to plan and hold the Walk a Mile in her Shoes™ event on September 17, 2016 to raise awareness for Domestic Violence.  All proceeds went to support the funding of DV Hotlines in Dayton.

Human Trafficking: Through partnerships with The University of Dayton’s Human Rights Center and other local and national agencies working with victims of Human Trafficking, HRAA will be creating a Human Trafficking Panel of speakers to teach students about the growing issue of Human Trafficking and the legal implications.

Wrongful Conviction: HRAA will be teaming with OIP-u Dayton Chapter (The Ohio Innocence Project) on October 3, 2016 to commemorate International Wrongful Conviction Day.  Students will learn from Forensic Psychologists, professors, and exonerees about the causes of wrongful conviction and the impact it has on the people and legal system surrounding it.

Prisoner’s Rights: HRAA will be teaming with the Ohio Policy and Justice Center to learn more about the rights of prisoners state and nationwide, and what we, as law students, can do to help.

Student Held Discussions: HRAA plans to hold discussions on Important Human Rights issues. These discussions will be student run and are intended to continue conversations and bring awareness to the crucial human rights issues affecting our world.

Student Organization Collaboration: HRAA aims to collaborate with our fellow Student Organizations to help promote important issues and increase student involvement. 

Advisor: Adam Todd

Constitution (pdf)

President: Alysa Medina
Vice-President: Sara French
Secretary: Tasha Mills

Contact: Alysa Medina by email at

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2772