American Constitution Society for Law & Policy

The mission of the American Constitution Society is to harness values of compassion and respect for each individual, and to re-incorporate them into American law and politics, in order to build a stronger and more decent national community. We seek to restore the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality and access to justice to their rightful — and traditionally central — place in American law. We want to strengthen the intellectual underpinnings of — and the public case for — a vision of the law in which these values are paramount. Our goal is a rekindling of the hope that by reason and decency, we can create an America that is better for us all.

This student organization is currently inactive. If you are interested in reactivating this organization, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Co-Advisors:  Professor Jeff Schmitt and Professor Dalindyebo Shabalala

President: Nova Levant
Vice President: Stephanie Bello-Galvez
Secretary: Sam Moore
Treasurer: Lance Brown
Membership Co-Chairs: Sam Moore and Lance Brown
Programming Chair: Tyler Cagle
Social Media and Pubilicity Chair: Patrick Zimmer
Historian: Tyler Cagle
Liaison to Lawyer Chapter: Bethany Walters
Liaison to Student Chapters: Bethany Walters
Career Development Chair: Nova Levant
Class Representatives: Kristina Sims (2L)



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