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Second Amendment Society

Second Amendment Society

The Second Amendment Society strives to educate our members about how the Second Amendment is viewed, used, and legislated in our society, today. Our primary goals are to become educated on the public use of the Second Amendment, be informed about current legislation regarding Second Amendment issues, and learn how to safely and responsibly use firearms. We seek to explore both sides of each Second Amendment issue, and learn about the laws and policies that protect freedoms such as gun ownership and concealed carry. To become educated on Second Amendment issues and gun safety, we offer numerous guest speakers, such as members from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Dayton Police Department.

As a social student organization, we encourage participation not only by attending guest speakers, but also by participating in our events. For example, we have gone to shooting ranges in the past, where we can put to practical use our knowledge of safety of firearm use. Additionally, this year we would like to plan gatherings at clay shooting complexes, where we can also enjoy the sport and etiquette of shooting. As a social group, the Second Amendment Society is eager and intends to work with other student organizations at UDSL.

Major Initiatives: We hope to educate not only our members, but all of UDSL, on important issues of the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment’s practical use in our daily lives, and become comfortable around the use of firearms.


Chairman of the Board: Nate Reckenbeil
Vice Chairman: Ty Hughes 
Member Engagement Chair: Bryce Peterson 
Treasurer: Nicholas Alvarado 
Secretary: Caleb Cottrell 

Contact: Nate Reckenbeil (


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Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2760