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University of Dayton Law Review

Scholarly Tradition

Law Review 2022The University of Dayton Law Review, founded in 1974, is a scholarly journal published three times annually by second and third year law students at the University of Dayton School of Law. The Law Review publishes articles by students, judges, practitioners, and academics in important areas of law. The Law Review seeks to contribute to the legal community by publishing articles that highlight current legal issues and changes in the law. The Law Review also provides students with the opportunity to develop their research, writing and analytical skills through the scholarly treatment of current legal issues.

The Dayton Law Review serves as representation of the University of Dayton School of Law to the community at large and as a forum for scholarly debate and discussion within the legal community.

2022-2023 Law Review Board

Editor-In-Chief: JP Jarecki (
Managing Editor: Robert Mumma
Executive Publication Editor: Trey Mehrer
Publication Operations Editor: Radhika Shukla
Business Manager: Terrel Benne (
Outside Article Editor: Caitlyn Doles (
Research Editor - Publications: Zachary Kennedy
Research Editor - Comments: Maggie Shaver
Publication Editors: Brooke Hewlett, Nick Taylor
Comment Editors: Justin Elkin, Andrew Ferguson
Senior Online Articles Editors: Elise Marrinan, Kayla Juergens

Subscriptions and Pricing

The subscription rate is $30 per volume. Single issues are available for $17.50 per issue. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless written notice of cancellation is received prior to shipment of the issue.

Please notify the Law Review, in writing, of any change of address and include name, new address and old address or mailing label. Direct all correspondence regarding subscriptions to the attention of the Business Manager.

Questions regarding back issues, pricing, shipments or any other inquiries may be directed to the Business Manager.

2021-2022 Law Review Board

Editor-in-Chief: Melissa Mazer
Managing Editor: Ricky Murray
Executive Publication Editor: Chelsea Small 
Publication Operations Editor: Sheereen Allen 
Business Manager: Connor Dowd
Outside Article Editor: Lauren Devine
Publication Editors: Craig Looper, Taylor Neeld, Daniel Rafferty
Comment Editors: Salha El-Shwehdi, Sergio Fernandez, Marcella McHenry

2020-2021 Law Review Board

Editor-in-Chief: Ashley Oravetz
Managing Editor: Allison Mikiciuk
Executive Publication Editor: Maggie Miles
Business Manager and Outside Articles Editor: Mickenzie Grubb
Research Editor: Nick Petrosky
Publication Editors: Alicia Ferguson, Abigail Lowers, Nicolas Davis
Comment Editors: Holly Fudge, Joanna Gisel, Angel Hierrezuelo

2019-2020 Law Review Board

Editor-in-Chief: Emma Walton
Managing Editor: Alysa Medina
Executive Publication Editor: Ashley Caldwell
Business Manager: Mary Kraft
Outside Articles and Research Editor: Emma Compton
Publication Editors: Davis Schwartz, Brett Taylor
Comment Editors: Madison Duff, Alyssa Coleman

2018-2019 Law Review Board

Editor-in-Chief: EricaRae Garcia
Managing Editor: Faith Mettert
Business Editor: Cody Myers
Outside Articles Editor: Tammy Winkler
Executive Publication Editor: Kaitlyn Meeks
Publications Operations Editor: Brooke Poling
Research Editor: Julie Helter
Publication Editors: Zenus Franklin, Dillon Sanders, Chandler Watson
Comment Editors: Morgan Napier, Barry Gilmer, Madison Rittley

2017-18 Law Review Board

Editor-in-Chief: Anthony Satariano
Managing Editor: Alexandra Laine
Executive Publication Editor: Brittany Larkin
Business Editor: Shawna Sorrell
Outside Articles Editor: Jessica Bernard
Publication Operations Editor: Macklin Everly
Publication Editors: Hilary Borton, Zachary Holscher
Comment Editors: Ebony Davenport, Stephanie Schmalz

Law Review Board Office

University of Dayton Law Review
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-2772



School of Law

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2760