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Federal Bar Association Law Student Division

Federal Bar Association Law Student Division

The core goals of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) include advocacy, networking, leadership, and learning. Its members work together to strive for a stronger, more independent federal judiciary, while learning from one another’s strengths in positions of responsibility. Members span the legal industry and include federal judges, prosecutors, public defenders, private practitioners, agency and legislative committee counsel, and corporate counsel. 

Joining and working with the FBA as a law student will provide invaluable exposure to various dimensions of the legal profession, introduce you to leaders in various practice areas, and allow you to make a meaningful contribution for the betterment of the judiciary.

Advisor: Judge Michael Newman

President: Abby Jelaji
Vice President: Bridget Ofori
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Averee Richardson
Secretary: Grace Branson
Treasurer: Masooma Seyal
3L Class Representative: Caroline Lippie

Contact: Abby Jelaji (


School of Law

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2760