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Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance (ADRA) allows attorneys and their clients to settle disputes without resorting to litigation. Through arbitration, negotiation, and mediation, we can supply our clients, communities, and the legal profession with other means of conflict resolution.

The mission of the ADRA is to:

  • provide students opportunities to learn, apply, and teach the theories and skills required for effective arbitration, negotiation, and mediation;
  • provide opportunities for students to volunteer and utilize their conflict resolution skills within the Dayton community;
  • provide access to and discussion with experts in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution; and
  • provide an environment that supports student growth and continued development in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Advisor: Susan Elliott


School of Law

Keller Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2760