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Discerning Religious and Priestly Life

"To What is God Calling Me?"

prayercrop.jpgMany students and other members of the UD community are struggling with that very question and other related questions

~ How am I called to use my gifts?

~ How can I serve?

~ Is religious life or priesthood for me?

If you find yourself asking these questions and would like to meet other people in the same situation, you are not alone!

Please consider a few of the opportunities listed on our Discernment Opportunities page as well as looking through some of the resources below.  You might also find viewing "Discovering God's Call for Your Life", a presentation by Campus Ministry's Office of Christian Leadership, Vocation and Retreats, helpful to your discernment.

Discerning Religious Life as a Marianist Sister or Brother

Please see the links below for further information concerning religious life as a Marianist sister or brother:
Marianist Brothers/Priests Vocations Website
Marianist Sisters Website

Contact Maureen O'Rourke or Bro. Mitch Schweikart, SM with questions at

Discerning Other Religious Orders

To find information on all the active communities of religious brothers, sisters, and priests, please visit and check the resources listed in the Related Links below. These are resources that our office has received directly from specific vocation offices. If you know of others that would be helpful to include please email an electronic file to Elizabeth Montgomery. Since Campus Ministry does not have direct involvement with many of these orders and opportunities we cannot specifically endorse each one, but are always willing to assist in your discernment.

Discerning a Call to be a Diocesan Priest

If you are discerning a call to be a diocesan priest, please consider contacting Fr. Dan Schmitmeyer, Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, at More information is also available at


Maureen O'Rourke and Bro. Mitch Schweickart, SM are available to walk with students at any point in their discernment journey whether they feel a call to a specific religious order or not, or if they feel a call to be a diocesan priest. Contact them at 


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