BreakOut and Go on an Adventure!

Are you looking for a way to expand your knowledge on different domestic or international issues while helping others? A BreakOut trip is a fulfilling experience that helps the community through services that include: rehabilitating low-income housing, working in soup kitchens, tutoring and mentoring at-risk children, cultural immersion and appreciation, and many other opportunities while also broadening your own perspectives.

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Experiential Learning Courses and Breakout Registration Fees

As part of your Breakout/Immersion experience, you will be registered in an Experiential Learning Course (EXP). This is a non-credit bearing course which is the Breakout/Immersion expereince itself. It will show up on your official transcript that you participated in this service-learning experience as a measure of your further involvement and learning at the University of Dayton.

All final payments for the trip will be processed through your student account according to the billing cycles. If you receive a grant from the Center for Social Concern or another campus entity, that will show up as a credit on your account.

Deposits for international trips will be charge through Studio Abroad.

Participants' quotes

It's hard to believe a year ago, I was preparing for a week-long immersion in Tijuana, Mexico. One year later, that week has changed my life so greatly, and I am preparing for a semester-long immersion across Central America. It is incredible the impact that that week had on my life, and I can't even wait to see the impact that this semester will have.    --Julie Benedetto

A Life-Changing Experience in El Salvador

I had anticipated that my time in El Salvador would be a life-changing experience, but I had no idea that these eight days would change my perspective on faith, service, and international relations...

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The Beauty of Belize

After a ten-minute drive, with the sun shining, we arrived at Liberty as several giggling and smiling children took a break from hopscotch, jump rope and swinging to welcome us. Before we could even start wheeling our suitcases to our building, the children ran over to us and grabbed our luggage, racing as fast as they could. I was taken aback by how little I imagined these children had, yet the amount of love and help they were willing to provide...

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Hangin' with Homies in Los Angeles
The visit to Homeboy Industries was something that really impacted me and changed how I think about gang violence.  I think I used to look at gang members as bad people that chose to get into this dangerous lifestyle, but after talking to Raymond, I can’t help but picture the young boys of the neighborhood witnessing endless violence and feeling unstoppable pain.  They search for safety and security, and have no idea where else to find it but in a gang like the ones their family members chose...

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