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Support Groups

Support Groups

Sometimes you just need to hang out with a group that "gets it" like you do.

Our support groups on campus are created to reach out to individuals in particular situations, with particular needs. Rest assured that, whatever your personal struggles are, you don't have to endure them alone. All of our support groups offer a compassionate, non-judgmental atmosphere. In addition to regular group meetings, many support services are available to students who are struggling with personal situations or hardships.


A student organization for those in the UD community who deal with issues related to sexual orientation.  This peer-led student group provides support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their friends and allies through open discussion and education.  Allies affirms confidentiality, sensitivity and an attitude of respect for the dignity of each person.



A program of support and care for single, pregnant students at the University of Dayton. 

The mission of Hand in Hand is to offer support and assistance through accompaniment throughout a student's pregnancy, to meet the needs of the single pregnant student so that they may bring their child to birth while continuing their academic career. 

Finding Avenues of Support

Each student faces a variety of decisions throughout the college experience, some of which are quite difficult. An unplanned pregnancy may be a lonely and confusing time, and the UD community provides an environment of love and acceptance, especially through emotional support and accompaniment, counseling, pregnancy testing, academics, and advocacy for adjustments to on-campus housing. Support is also available for expectant fathers.

Contact Bridget Ebbert.

More details and resources

Living with Loss

If you have experienced the death of someone close to you, it can affect all areas of your life. Whether your loss was recent or a while ago, being with others who understand can be very helpful. This group will provide support as well as strategies for increased effective coping and is facilitated by Katie Mathews of Campus Ministry and Erin Shiner of the UD Counseling Center. You do not need to be referred by a campus minister or therapist to attend this group. Join us at any time! This group meets once a week for 45 minutes. 

Click HERE to see the meeting day/time for this semester and to sign up. Then Campus Ministry will email you to confirm your registration.

If you have questions, you can email Katie Mathews or Erin Shiner at

Living with Loss for Faculty and Staff

Living with Loss for faculty and staff is a confidential support group for UD faculty and staff who have experienced the death of someone close to them. The death may be recent or one that occurred several years ago. We meet to provide a place to share feelings, concerns and stories with other members of the UD community who understand what they are going through. It will be an opportunity to share stories, with an understanding that this is pastoral care, not counseling.

Contact Fr. Kip Stander, S.M. for more information.


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