Student Religious Organizations

What would college be without opportunities to explore and deepen one's faith? Campus Ministry is honored to walk with students on this journey, but we are also aware that student-led religious organizations can be excellent ways for this to happen! So, we work closely with the recognized organizations listed below. All of these groups have a religious purpose that is consistent with the university's mission.

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For Leaders of Student Religious Organizations


If you are in the process of forming a new student religious organization on campus, please read the information below (guiding policies and procedures for faith-based religious organizations, and the position statement on faith-based religious organizations) and register via OrgSync. New applications are reviewed twice a year. Applications are due either December 31 in order to be officially recognized for the Spring semester or May 18 in order to be officially recognized for the Fall semester. When you register, please indicate that you are affiliated with Campus Ministry. 

 In addition, if the organization is a campus chapter of or connected to a larger organization not headquartered at the University of Dayton, please complete the Non-UD Religious Organization Information Form.


Leaders of currently recognized student religious organizations must renew their organization by May 31 via OrgSync for the next academic year. Also be sure to submit your Student Religious Organization Financial Report by May 31 If you have received funding from Campus Ministry in the current academic year.


If you need to update information (a new officer, new adviser, new liaison, etc.), please update that information as soon as possible using OrgSync.


If your organization is interested in applying for modest financial support from Campus Ministry, please read Student Religious Organization Funding Procedures and FAQs. Be sure to submit the required financial reports using the Religious Organization Financial Report Form. Deadlines are October 15 for the estimated budget and May 31 for the end of the year report.

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