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Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Good music makes a profound difference in the vibrant celebration of liturgy!  Please consider sharing your gifts of voice or instrument with the UD worshipping community.

Every Sunday Mass and every evening residence hall Mass has its own student-led choirs and instrumental musicians.  If you are interested in joining a choir, speak to one of the student leaders at that Mass, or contact Scott Paeplow,  the principal Music Minister at 937-229-2052. 

Undergraduate Music Ministers (UGMMs)

The Undergraduate Music Minister Program (UGMM) at the University of Dayton is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to be formed in the principles of liturgical music-making and leadership. It is also unique thanks to the ways that it differs from other campus employment opportunities. Each member of the UGMM program has been endowed with beautiful music gifts by the Holy Spirit and the program seeks to foster, cultivate, and encourage those gifts in a manner that invites others in the program as well as within congregations to do likewise. Therefore, the UGMM program seeks to be more vocational than job-oriented as it were.

UGMMs not only co-lead a group of other students at one of the Masses, but they also get to take a course to grow in their understanding of liturgical ministry and leading a group to praise and glorify God through song. 

Applications for this program open each March on Handshake for the next academic year's cohort. 

Please contact Scott Paeplow for more information.


Living Faith through the UGMM Program

Music ministry is both beautiful and participatory. By participating in the music at Mass as an UGMM (Undergraduate Music Minister), we better understand what the liturgy truly is: a celebration!

Volunteer Musicians and Singers

All are invited to share their gifts with our university community through song at campus liturgies. A team of students coordinates music for liturgy, and each team is always looking for singers and instrumentalists to join their musical group. Commitment is minimal (1 rehearsal and Mass each week).

Simply approach the Undergraduate Music Minister (UGMMs) at the particular Mass you wish to serve, and to express your interest. Or contact Scott Paeplow,  the Campus Minister for Liturgical Music at 937-229-2052.

The Chapel Choir

For special University-wide occasions, a special choir is convened. If you would like to be part of this Chapel Choir please contact Scott Paeplow,  the Campus Minister for Liturgical Music at 937-229-2052.

Wedding Music

Please see the wedding page for more information.

National Association of Pastoral Musicians

NPM is a national organization that supports, connects and provides training and resources for pastoral musicians. They have excellent resources for liturgical music, including recordings of the chants that are a part of the New Roman Missal. More > > >


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