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Campus Ministry Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Rooted in our Catholic and Marianist tradition, Campus Ministry cultivates the faith life of the campus community through transformative encounters with God.  We foster spiritual growth through worship, pastoral care, faith formation, service and reflection.  Committed to peace and justice, we challenge people to develop their unique gifts in service to the world and to be leaders who nurture human dignity through building faith-filled communities.

Vision Statement

Encountering Faith.  Transforming Life.


Christian Discipleship
Honoring the Sacred
Hospitality and Inclusivity
Prayer and Worship
Servant Leadership
Transformational Growth

Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2012, Campus Ministry embarked on the tasks of clarifying its vision, mission, and values, and developing a three to five year strategic plan to further develop ministry in accord with key mission objectives of the University of Dayton and the US Bishops Conference's vision of campus ministry.  This process took eighteen months to complete and included extensive involvement with key faculty and staff collaborators, a campus-wide consultation with over 300 student, faculty, and staff responses, and hours of dedicated discernment and dreaming among members of the Campus Ministry team. The plan that emerged is a living document that articulates direction and focus. It will be reviewed annually as new needs and opportunities emerge or capacity for ministry changes. More > > >

Campus Ministry Team Directory and Profiles
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Campus Ministry

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