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Post-Grad Volunteering

Beyond UD Fairs

October 18, 5-7 pm (virtual) on Zoom and October 21, 5-7 pm (in-person) in the KU Ballroom

Are you thinking about spending a year or two doing full-time volunteering after you graduate? Come to the Beyond UD Post-grad Volunteer Programs and Grad School Fairs to meet with representatives from both types of opportunities. Contact Nick Cardilino for more information.

For the October 18 Zoom Fair, RSVP at

No RSVP needed for the in-person fair on the 21st


What are you doing after graduation?

Before you jump head first into the corporate world or get stuck behind a desk,

think about a year of volunteer service!

There are a lot of great reasons to do a year or two of full-time volunteering. Plus your parents will want to know why you're working for a small stipend and living expenses.

Why Volunteer?


To make the right volunteer choice, it's essential to get reliable information and speak to informed people. You can find good resources and supportive people right here on campus.

  • Nick Cardilino can help you get started. He can explore with you your reasons for considering a volunteer year, your service and location preferences, and help to match you with some organizations that offer what you're looking for. He can also put you in touch with UD grads who are presently volunteering and some who have returned.
  • Every fall, the Beyond UD Fair brings representatives from dozens of post-grad volunteer programs to campus for you to speak to. This year, there is a virtual fair on October 18 from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM via Zoom (register here) and an in-person fair on October 21 from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM in the Kennedy Union Ballroom.  You'll get a ton of information without feeling any pressure to commit. Don't miss it!
  • The Beyond UD Panel Supper annually features a panel of 4-6 former and current volunteers with a wide variety of experiences. Some have volunteered overseas; others in the U.S. Some have served in faith-based programs; others in government-run or civic programs. Some have lived in community with other volunteers; others have lived alone or found their own roommate. Each will speak for about 5 minutes about their experience. The rest of the evening is open to questions from all of those who come to learn more about volunteering. This year, the supper will be in early February. Check back here for the date and time, and to find out if it will be in-person or virtual.
  • Check out the web links below
...or how about a social justice-oriented internship?

You can spend a summer or a semester doing service or social justice advocacy work. Some of these are paid; some aren't. Some are full-time; others are part-time. But from time to time, we learn of internships that would be great experiences for those interested in making a difference in the world.

Check out these opportunities

Campus Ministry's Center for Social Concern

Liberty Hall
300 College Park Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0408
CSC Website