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Multi-faith Ministry

The University of Dayton strives to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Campus Ministry recognizes a variety of student religious organizations and connects with local communities and congregations in order to support the spiritual needs of all students. You can find out more about available resources, student organizations, and local faith communities by clicking the tabs at the left. If you don't see your faith tradition listed, please email Rev. Renita Green.

Additionally, all Campus Ministry staff aim to be a supportive presence for any student regardless of their religious beliefs. A full list of the campus ministry team is available in our directory. Residence Life Ministers serve students directly in the residence halls and student neighborhood, and are available to students of all faith traditions. The Center for Social Concern provides opportunities for students to live out their faith in action with community service and advocacy programs in Dayton, across the country, and around the world. Any campus minister would welcome and support you and walk with you on your own spiritual journey.

Multifaith Spaces for Prayer, Reflection, or Meditation

There is one multi-faith religious space available, at the River Campus in Curran Place. It is meant to be a sacred space where students can engage in religious practice alone or in community. Whether gathering for kabbalat shabbat, jummah, puja, or individual prayer, the multi-faith space is open to all.

Additionally, all students are welcome to utilize any campus chapel for personal prayer, reflection, or meditation and take advantage of the quiet setting. Questions? Email Rev. Renita Green.

Religious Accommodations

In striving for an inclusive climate that welcomes students from all backgrounds, faiths and experiences, the University of Dayton seeks to accommodate religious practices. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to observe their faith traditions during their time at the University of Dayton. Authentic observance of religious traditions may require reasonable accommodation to classroom or workplace schedules, environment, or in the way tasks or assignments are customarily completed. Find out more about the university's suggested practices for religious accommodation.


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