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Awareness, Advocacy and Action for Justice


The issues are everywhere and you are ready to get informed and to take positive action. This page is dedicated to ways that you can get involved.  Have some suggestions of your own?  Please email Mary Niebler.

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Take a Stand

End the Death Penalty in Ohio

The time is NOW to change state law.

Make your voice heard and urge your state legislators to support Senate Bill 101 and House Bill 259 to abolish the death penalty in Ohio. We cannot solve violence with more violence or obtain justice via the state of Ohio directly and intentionally killing a defenseless human life.

Action Alert for Senate Bill 101

Action Alert for House Bill 259

Protect Those Seeking Safety

Stand in Solidarity with Vulnerable People

Join with the U.S. bishops in opposing harmful and counterproductive changes to immigration law as a condition for supplemental funding. Speak out here.

Immigration Reform that Respects Religious Liberty

Serving newcomers is compelled by Sacred Scripture and Catholic social teaching, and it is a core ministry of the Church.

Encourage members of Congress to work toward bipartisan immigration reform that furthers the common good, upholds religious freedom, and respects the God-given dignity of all.

Combat Human Trafficking and Protect Survivors

Urge your US Senator to Pass bi-partisan Anti-Trafficking Legislation

Support the House-passed Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2023 (H.R. 5856), an important, bipartisan bill that will help combat the evil of human trafficking.

Help Communities Affected by Climate Change

Urge Congress to support the Green Climate Fund and Development Assistance

Urge Congress to address the impact of climate change by providing robust funding for poverty-reducing international assistance programs in the fiscal year 2024 budget, especially for the Green Climate Fund and Development Assistance. 

Pass Funding Measures to Support People in Ukraine and Gaza

Fund vital humanitarian assistance for people caught in these brutal conflicts

The lives and safety of millions of our sisters and brothers in Gaza and Ukraine are at stake. Faith calls us to act quickly and decisively in the face of these humanitarian emergencies to avoid further suffering.

Support Women and Families in Need

Tell Congress to Fund WIC for All Families in Need

Tell Congress to continue its long history of bipartisan support for WIC by providing the program with adequate resources to serve all eligible participants with food that meets their nutrition needs, including the current benefit for fruits and vegetables. Supporting WIC is one way we can help build a society that welcomes new life and is oriented toward helping children and their parents, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Last year, our state mobilized like never before to protect the sanctity of life and support families, women, and children. It was an amazing and beautiful effort, and our work is of course far from done. We must continue to Stand With Moms in Need.

We now have before us an additional opportunity to carry on this work of protecting life, this time at the federal level. This bill, now before Congress and endorsed by the USCCB, moves us toward this goal.

The bill is an effort to Fund WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) for All Families in Need. WIC provides financial support for healthy food and nutrition. If Congress doesn’t act, there is the very real possibility that – for the first time in decades – people could be waitlisted to receive support, and we all know that you can’t wait to get food to support yourself and your children.

Action at the Ohio Statehouse

The Catholic Conference of Ohio represents the Church's position before the Ohio General Assembly, various state departments, bureaus, agencies and other organizations important issues of social justice. Check out their constantly updated information on current legislation at the Statehouse and Action Alerts describing how you can take action along with other Catholics in Ohio.

ohio statehuse

Tuesday, April 9th from 9:15 am - 4:30 pm

Every year, thousands of pieces of legislation are proposed, debated, and voted on in state houses around the country. Some of this legislation is mundane, but a lot of it has a direct and significant impact on people’s lives. (We saw this very clearly in OH last year.) As Catholics, we are called to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and work in different ways to create God’s kingdom on Earth, a community where everyone’s dignity is honored and each person is respected and given the opportunity to thrive. One of the those ways is through advocacy with our elected officials.

On Tuesday, April 9, Catholics from around the state will gather in Columbus to advocate for legislation that respects life, cares for the poor, and protects all of God’s creation. Co-sponsored by the Catholic Conference of Ohio and the different Respect Life and Catholic Social Action offices from around the state, this is an opportunity to speak with those women and men we elected and hold them accountable to what matters to us, their constituents. The day will start with a bit of training, every visit will be done with partners, and lunch will be provided.

Please join us to stand up for life and dignity.

Click here for details and register by April 1st


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