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REAL Dayton

The REAL Dayton Experience

Fall Break, October 13-17, 2023

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The REAL Dayton is a community engagement experience with elements from alternative BreakOuts, immersions, and retreats, making it unique and inspirational. 

REAL Dayton involves Reaching out, Encountering Dayton, Acting with others and Leading together. 

  • Reach out beyond the confines of your comfort zone.  Your discoveries may surprise you. 
  • Encounter Dayton and its many gifts, especially our neighbors whose passion and compassion make Dayton so special. 
  • Act with others by taking part in a service experience done on campus in collaboration with local partners.  
  • Lead together with Daytonians and fellow Flyers to build a stronger community.  The REAL Dayton is just the beginning of leading for the common good with our neighbors and friends. 

What to Expect

Students will be immersed in the city of Dayton to…

  • Meet your neighbors in Dayton
  • Serve your community
  • Recognize Dayton’s gifts and challenges
  • Be inspired by citizen leaders making a difference in Dayton
  • Discover Dayton cultural gems
  • Learn, pray, reflect and connect faith and life

Students will have many opportunities for reflecting, learning, building leadership skills, connecting faith to life, volunteering, and acting for justice.


Research shows that REAL Dayton truly impacts students and how they feel about Dayton.

For more information and/or questions, contact Meaghan Crowley

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