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“Embrace God’s Light”


Campus Ministry retreats provide the space for students to intentionally reflect, experience various forms of prayer, place their own story within the Christian tradition, and live more fully as disciples in daily life.  These experiences are meant to empower students at any stage in their faith journey to reflect on and explore their relationship with themselves, others, and God.  Transportation, meals, and lodging are provided wherever necessary.

Faith Communities

Our small faith communities provide an environment for students to develop and engage their faith through relationships with their peers.  Each community takes on a unique, relational, and faith-based identity that adapts to the present needs and desires of each group. Communities examine the blessings and challenges of college life through mutual support, prayer, and faith sharing.

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Sacred Stories Podcast

Join the University of Dayton Campus Ministry Office for Christian Leadership, Vocation and Retreats every other week to hear how a life experience of a member of the UD community parallels with a sacred story of their choosing.  We hope these episodes will inspire personal reflection that helps our listeners place their own experiences within the sacred story.

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Associate Director of Neighborhood Ministry and Retreats

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