Group from 1971: Tony Oppegard (from Notre Dame), Rosie Wiedemer Miklavic, Rev. Bob Mellert, Linda, and Rick (Can't recall all the last names after all these years) From bottom left: Dan (from Notre Dame), Bill Wagner , Pat Buser, Linda Stier, Marianne Faye. Beth Wahl Kuzmick on the step.

PACE and the Kennedy Appalachia Program

While much has been written about the late 1960's and early 1970's, the reflections you will find here from the UD alums who served in Eastern Kentucky are a powerful witness to the creativity and social concern of that time.

Rag Tag Group of Hippies

Rag Tag Group of Hippies

<p>by Beth Wahl Kuzmick (Summer of 1971)</p> <p>Let's just say we were pretty new in town back then and they really didn't know what to make of this "rag tag" group of "Hippies" from up North!!! Tom Litzkay was the president of our little club (and it was mighty little at that time!). Once I met Tom, experienced his passion and vision for helping the people of Magoffin County, I was hooked! I would have followed this man anywhere, even down a dark holler road in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky on a Friday night in October of 1970!</p>

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