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UD Summer Appalachia Program (2000-2007)

BT and the Community at Mine Fork

The kids, the teens, the folks in the nursing home--all have been blessed by the communities of UDSAPers each summer!  Read on!

A Kindred Spirit in the Mountains

by Mike Hilton   UDSAP '02 A friend and mentor once told me that if a past experience continues resurfacing it means that you haven’t fully processed it. A decade and a half after driving an old blue Chevy van out of the mountains, I find myself frequently going back to the experience, knowing there’s more to learn, more growth to come.

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Learning through Relationships

by Lauren Farrell  UDSAP '04 I grew close to many of the families that attended day camp and teen center. Their immediate unconditional love and acceptance taught me what relational ministry is all about. It is funny, you think you are going to help the people there, and you end up taking away so much more than you could ever give.

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Ending Up Where I Intended to Be

by Sarah Wdowiak  UDSAP '06 On the walls of the house I’ve written, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” This was and still is true for me. Looking back on the almost 10 years since my summer in Salyersville, I can mark those hot, loving, laugh-filled months as a major turning point in my life.

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