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Roesch Library faculty and staff are devoted to supporting teaching, research and publishing.

We can help you:

  • Find the research you need to build your scholarly portfolio.
  • Make your research more discoverable - and more cited.
  • Teach your students how to use libraries to learn, discover and study.

Each department at UD has a librarian assigned to it who serves as its liaison. Liaison librarians select books, journals, databases and other materials for their disciplines. In addition, liaisons communicate with their academic departments about new library services or changes to the library's collection in their discipline. 

Librarians at Roesch Library are committed to helping both faculty and students find and use the proper tools to support research and teaching. We offer individualized instruction sessions by appointment, class demonstrations and hands-on sessions for your courses. We can host classes in your classroom or in our innovative instruction space, the Collab, on the second floor. Please note:

  • Classes should be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow proper scheduling and availability of our instruction room and librarians’ schedules.
  • Instructors are expected to accompany their classes to the library to take part in the class.
  • The Collab, located in room 240, can accommodate up to 48 students per class.
  • Confirmations will be sent to the instructor and librarian. Librarians may request syllabus and assignment information so that content can be customized for the instruction session.

How to place items on reserve
  • Bring material to the second-floor Services Desk with a completed course reserve request form and a course syllabus. Requests will not be processed without this information.
  • Complete one request form for each course.
  • Material should be submitted no later than one week before the material is needed.

Reserve Request Form

Types of Material for Course Reserves
  • Materials owned by Roesch Library, a university department, or the instructor may be placed on library reserve. (Disclaimer: Roesch Library is not responsible for damage to personal property placed on reserve.)
  • Photocopied materials may be placed on electronic reserve. 
  • How to create an accessible PDF
Important Copyright Compliance Information

When submitting photocopied material to be placed on reserve, it is important to remain copyright compliant. In an attempt to adhere to copyright compliance - photocopied materials being put on reserve for a course must be accompanied by a Reserve Request Form. When signed by the faculty member indication is made that the instructor is following the Copyright Law (PL94-553, title 17 US Code). At the end of the semester items will be withdrawn from the reserve list and returned. A newly signed and dated form must accompany the materials if they are used again at a later date. (Personally written material is exempt from copyright compliance). The forms are kept on file for that semester for reference as needed.

Examples of copyright compliant materials that can be placed on Electronic reserve include:

  • Syllabi
  • Class notes, assignments, or exams
  • Excerpts from books (Entire books cannot and will not be placed on Electronic reserve)
  • An article(s) from periodical or newspaper
  • A short story, essay or poem
  • A chart, diagram, picture, cartoon, etc. from a book, periodical or newspaper

For more information, please visit the following online resources on copyright and fair use:

Guidelines for Submitting Photocopied Materials
  • All photocopied materials should be submitted on single-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper.
  • It is the instructor's responsibility to provide a high resolution, clean, and legible copy, contrasting print, and background, to ensure quality in the scanned material.
  • Photocopied materials should be submitted in the same order as in the syllabus along with clear instructions from the professor concerning article titles and placement requests.
  • Photocopied materials should be separated in an easily distinguishable fashion. For instance, you may use a single page color divider, paper clips, or Post-its. Please, DO NOT use staples.
  • Articles more than 25 pages will be divided into part 1, part 2, etc.
  • Titles should be clearly written on the first page of each article or the provided article divider.
Length of Time Needed to Process a Reserves Request

All requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve requests are usually processed within one week of their submission date. Processing time may take longer during the beginning of the semester. When a request is processed, the instructor will receive an email confirmation.

Removal of Materials from Course Reserves

All reserve (both print and electronic) material is removed from course reserve at the end of every semester. It is the responsibility of the instructor to contact the library about subsequent future use.
Please contact for more information.

Roesch 2U delivers materials requested by a faculty member to his or her department administrative office. Deliveries are made Monday, Wednesday and Friday during normal semester weeks. Materials from Roesch Library, OhioLINK or interlibrary loan can be delivered. Faculty are responsible for returning materials to the library on or before the due date.

Faculty, staff and graduate students who require extensive use of library resources may lease private research and writing rooms for a semester or an academic year (up to two years for graduate students).


Current faculty members may lease an individual room for a semester ($50) or the full academic year ($100). To extend availability to a greater number of faculty, these spaces are non-renewable after one year, though high scholarly productivity and extensive use of library resources may warrant exceptions. Renewal will be based upon the recommendation of a faculty member’s dean. The rooms are roughly 6 feet by 7 feet and contain a desktop, chair, overhead storage, electrical outlets and wireless Internet access. Additional furniture may be brought in with permission from the Roesch Library operations coordinator. Faculty of any rank may also lease these rooms in Roesch Library at no charge from May 15 through Aug.. 15, subject to availability.

Room 602 is a conference room open for faculty use 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday - Friday during the fall and spring semesters.  


Staff members engaged in research or writing for work-related projects may apply for a private research and writing space for a one-year, non-renewable term at the same rate faculty pay.

Graduate Students

A graduate student working on a dissertation may apply for a one-year, renewable lease with the recommendation of his or her dissertation adviser. The cost is waived.

Faculty Emeriti

Faculty emeriti who wish to continue their research on campus may request space in the 1700 South Patterson Building at no cost. Each workstation is enclosed with 62-inch-high modular walls and contains a desk, a locked storage space and wireless Internet access. The Roesch2U service will deliver library materials to users upon request. If research and writing projects require significant access to physical library resources, the faculty emeritus(a) may apply for a private writing and research room in Roesch Library for the academic year, subject to availability.

Download the research and writing room application form (PDF).


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