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Libraries September 16, 2019
Celebrate the Roesch Refresh Project
All are invited to the blessing of Roesch Library on Friday, Sept. 27. Celebrate and explore the newly renovated first and second floors. Registration is requested but not required.
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Libraries September 04, 2019
New in Govdocs: Art in the Army … and Science in the House

Scott West skims the latest treasures from the U.S. Government Publishing Office.

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Libraries September 03, 2019
Contribute to a UD Time Capsule
A time capsule from 1971, discovered in a wall during the recent Roesch Refresh library renovation, gave a snapshot of library leadership and life in that era. Now is our chance to make our own to represent 2019.
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Libraries August 27, 2019
Top 5 Features of UD’s New York Times Subscription

Any member of the University of Dayton community can access The New York Times on any device, anywhere in the world. Go ahead, make those monthly article limitations disappear and bring down that pay wall!

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Libraries August 26, 2019
A Brief History of the University Libraries
As the University Libraries celebrate the reopening of the renovated first and second floors, Kathleen Tiller looks back on the history of libraries at the University of Dayton.
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Libraries August 08, 2019
Ruff at Roesch: Student Staffer Training 4 Paws Pup

With a library student worker as her companion, Nutella, a golden retriever puppy, is training to become a service animal with 4 Paws for Ability, a nonprofit based in Xenia, Ohio.

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Libraries August 06, 2019
Rare Books, Podcast Spur Reflections on Revolutions

In his 1951 Requiem for a Nun, William Faulkner said, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” A student in the archives had the opportunity to learn what Faulkner meant.

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Libraries July 31, 2019
Archive of Art: An Inventory of Works Across Campus

Art and design major shares favorite works from her quest for facts.

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Libraries July 29, 2019
Libraries Listened to Furniture Feedback
“Try-before-we-buy” approach reveals favorite models and functionality preferences.
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Libraries July 26, 2019
Govdocs Worth Reading. No, Really.
The Government Publishing Office dependably produces new and interesting material every day. Here's a sample of the latest.
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