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Libraries February 12, 2024
“Without the help of the UD, I couldn’t publish this paper”
Meet two researchers whose publishing journeys were enhanced by a library fund and consortium agreements that ensure UD scholarship is published fee-free and open access.
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Libraries January 31, 2024
Midterm Cheer
Therapy dogs, free coffee, snacks and crafts will make midterms feel less mid.
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Libraries January 29, 2024
Black History Month
Library collections celebrate African Americans and the arts.
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Libraries January 24, 2024
Sign In for Full Text
What to know about changes to major web browsers in 2024.
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Libraries January 23, 2024
My “Why UD” Story: The Libraries
Life-changing experiences and a sense of community at the place that ties all of campus together.
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Libraries January 10, 2024
Justice Without Violence

Honor and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s philosophy of nonviolent resistance.

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Libraries January 04, 2024
So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish

Dean Emerita Kathy Webb shares a final farewell upon retirement.

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Libraries December 15, 2023
Congratulations, Library Graduates
Congratulations and thank you to our student employees graduating this week.
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Libraries November 30, 2023
Finals Week (Roesch’s Version)
A tour of events and services to make your exams enchanted.
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Libraries November 30, 2023
Tech for Takeout
New donor-funded storytelling kits support projects that go beyond writing a paper.
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