Computers and Printing

Computers for patron use throughout the library provide access to email, Microsoft Office applications, and library databases. All computers require a University of Dayton username and password.

  • Printing is available through the use of Flyer Express accounts at 4 cents per print. All library computers can print.
  • Copiers are located on the second floor. Cost is 5 cents per copy.
  • Scanners are available on the second floor. 

If you are not affiliated with University of Dayton please see information for visitors.


Directions for Printing

When you are ready to print:
  • Log in to any library computer.
  • Send your document to the printer as normal. It will not print yet.
  • Click on the small printer icon located next to the Start button.
  • The PaperCut web page will display.
  • Enter your username and password and click Login.
  • Your document name, number of pages, and cost will be displayed.
  • Check the box beside the document you want to print and then click Print.

Please ask a library staff member for assistance if your document does not print after completing these steps.

Can I get refunds?

No, you cannot get a refund. If your document does not print at all, ask for help. In some instances, the library staff may reprint your document at no charge. If the printer damages the paper or the printing is illegible, take the print to the second-floor Services Desk and ask for assistance.


Printing from Your Laptop

If you are using your own laptop, and want to print to the library's printers, you will need to install them to your machine. You will be charged 4 cents per page just as if you were using a library computer.  

Instructions on how to install network printers on your laptop can be found here >>> Install network printers. 

Library printer names are:

FLYER_KM_751_RL105_RIGHT (First Floor right printer)
FLYER_KM_751_RL105_LEFT (First Floor left printer)


Pay for Printing

Printing is available through your Flyer Express account at 4 cents per print. Visitors can print for 10 cents per page using the designated visitor computers, but must pay cash when prints are picked up at the second-floor Services Desk.

How do I add money to my Flyer Express account?
  • With cash, add up to $5.00 at the second-floor Services Desk or Flyer Student Services, St. Mary's room 108
  • With personal check, visit Flyer Student Services, St. Mary’s Hall room. 108
  • With credit card, call 937-229-2456 or deposit online using the Flyer Express/GET website ($5 minimum)


Copying in the Library

Copiers are located on the second floor.

  • Copiers accept money or Flyer Express.
  • Photocopies are 5 cents each.


Computer/Scanner Locations and Software


Computers are located on the second floor. Computers with double monitors are available on the second floor as well. All library computers can print.


Scanners are connected to computers on the second floor.


All library computers can print and come equipped with:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf reader)
  • IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
  • HP Scanning software
  • VLC (multimedia player)
  • (digital photo editing)
  • Read & Write Gold (text to speech)
  • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)


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