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Library Awards

Each spring, University Libraries faculty and staff award three scholarships to recognize current students and their accomplishments so far at UD, providing students a boost for the upcoming academic year.  

The awards are merit-based and open to students with particular experiences:

  • The Dr. Nicoletta Hary Award goes to a student with a major or minor in teacher education.
  • The Rev. Theodore Koehler, S.M., International Student Award recognizes a returning international student.
  • The Brother Frank Ruhlman, S.M., Award of Excellence for Literary Achievement is awarded to a UD undergraduate who demonstrates excellence in writing for University publications.

Award applications are typically accepted January through February.


2024 Library Award Winners

The University Libraries will honor Lucy Waskiewicz, Rojan K C and Malena Coleman April 24 with the 2024 Library Awards.

Award Information

The Dr. Nicoletta Hary Award* is named in memory of Nicoletta Mattioli Hary, a University of Dayton librarian for more than 50 years before she retired in 2014. Hary, who died in 2017, was the creator and the first curator of the U.S. Catholic Special Collection and the author of a renowned book about a 20-year collaboration between the Vatican Library and the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. Fluent in five languages, she had a doctorate in German from the University of Naples; a diploma in library science from the Vatican Library School; and a second doctorate from Indiana University.

For more information, contact the Hary award committee at

*This award was previously known as the Klick Award.

The Rev. Theodore Koehler, S.M., International Student Award was established by Susan L. Tsui of the University of Dayton Libraries with funds from the Lackner Award, which was presented to her in 1995 by the UD Marianists. Her own experience as an international student inspired this award. For more information, contact the Koehler award committee at

The Ruhlman Award was established in 1975 by the Joseph Poelking Sr. family to honor an undergraduate student and memorialize Ruhlman, the former director of the Libraries (1936-1954), who served UD for over 50 years. For more information, contact the Ruhlman Award committee chair Jason Wardell at