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Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence

Our Commitment

A Message on Inclusive Excellence from the Dean and Associate Dean of the University Libraries

Grounded in the University’s Catholic and Marianist mission and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusive excellence, the University Libraries strive to be a place where all members of our communities feel a sense of belonging and ownership. While the University Libraries’ vision is to be the intellectual fulcrum of the University, we know we cannot truly realize that vision if we are not intentionally diverse, inclusive, and working actively toward equity and social justice. 

The collective empowerment and well-being of our diverse communities requires deliberate, reflective and robust effort from everyone in the Libraries.

Each division in the Libraries shares the responsibility to address inequities created by past institutional policies and practices; to critically evaluate current policies and procedures with an inclusive excellence lens; to confront our own biases and historical complicity in the oppression of different groups; and to create a learning environment that respects and values the dignity of each person. 

We invite you to explore the ways we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to inclusive excellence.

— Kathleen Webb, Dean, and Ione T. Damasco, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, Engagement and Operations

University Libraries Plan for Inclusive Excellence, 2021-24

Driven by our mission and vision, the Libraries are committed to a framework of inclusive excellence that informs every aspect of our work and our spaces, ensuring that all learners are welcome and empowered to succeed.

As defined by the University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, “Inclusive excellence requires a comprehensive, cohesive and collaborative alignment of infrastructure, resources and actions.” By identifying specific goals and objectives around these areas, the University Libraries Plan for Inclusive Excellence enables this alignment.

This plan serves as a road map to cultivate and sustain a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility across key areas of the Libraries: workforce; collections; environment; and engagement with the diverse communities we serve. Regular, transparent and ongoing assessment is a cornerstone of this plan. Developing, implementing and reporting various methods of assessment, including the incorporation of feedback from our diverse constituents, are essential tasks to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our stated values. Ongoing assessment also encourages us to be a flexible learning organization, adapting approaches as needed to ensure we are reaching our goals.

  • Strategic goal 1 (Workforce): Recruit, hire, retain and develop a diverse workforce that will contribute to inclusive excellence across the work of the Libraries.
  • Strategic goal 2 (Collections): Rectify historical practices of exclusion by collecting, preserving, digitizing, promoting and providing access to materials created by underserved and historically excluded communities and ensuring access to these materials by all University faculty, staff and students.
  • Strategic goal 3 (Environment): Ensure the Libraries’ virtual and physical spaces create a sense of belonging for all faculty, staff, students and visitors.
  • Strategic goal 4 (Engagement): Ensure that the Libraries’ curricular and cocurricular outreach and engagement activities support and/or complement the University’s anti-racist and diversity-focused curricular and cocurricular offerings.

University Libraries Diversity & Inclusion Team

The University Libraries Diversity and Inclusion Team (ULDIT) advances the mission of the Libraries by providing leadership, offering support and serving as a resource around diversity, equity and inclusion endeavors across all areas and for every unit of the Libraries, including but not limited to collections, professional development, programming, services, spaces and overall climate. Driven by our Catholic and Marianist social justice traditions, the ULDIT supports the Libraries’ efforts to meet diverse and changing user needs. The ULDIT also is a strategic resource for and partner with campus departments that create programming and other activities for the broader community exploring issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Email the University Libraries Diversity and Inclusion Committee at


Luminaries Program

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