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University Libraries Awards & Student Recognition Ceremony

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Rituals of Healing: Body, Mind, Spirit

Feb. 8 - April 20

Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery, Roesch Library first-floor lobby and Marian Library Gallery, seventh floor of Roesch Library

View artifacts from the Marian Library collections and student narratives that explore what individuals or groups believe about religion, medical expertise, and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

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East Meets West

May 1 - June 30

Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery, Roesch Library first-floor lobby

May 1 - November 10

Marian Library Gallery, seventh floor of Roesch Library

This two-part exhibit is a unique opportunity to see a private collection of Ukrainian artwork by women icon makers as well as select materials from the Marian Library's Ukrainian Marian Collection.

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Virtual Programs and Exhibits
LGBTQ+ Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination
Let's learn together for Pride Month and beyond. All are welcome to complete this interactive online module developed by the Libraries diversity and inclusion team about LGBTQ+ human rights. You will better understand how differences in laws and policies affect those in our community who identify as LGBTQ+. 
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Information Neighborhoods: Interacting with Online News Like a Good Neighbor
The variety of news you can find online is immense and can be intense! This self-guided activity will describe how you can better understand the type and purpose of online news by employing a simple sorting method called information neighborhoods. 
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Refuge: Borderlands and the Blessed Virgin
This online exhibit curated by students at at the University of Dayton and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio is challenging its visitors to see a timeless and often controversial topic — borderlands — through social, spiritual, historical and artistic lenses. 
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Mary in Miniature: Books of Hours in the Marian Library Collection
Books of Hours are a window into medieval society, Marian devotion, and book history in the later Middle Ages. This online exhibit features digitized medieval Books of Hours and individual leaves, dating from circa 1440 through the early 16th century.
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Virtual Escape Room: A Fun Way to Learn about the Libraries
Codes and puzzles reveal the "secrets" everyone knows: The University Libraries have the tools students need to succeed in college.
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