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Libraries 09.20.23

Therapy dogs, free coffee, snacks and crafts will make midterms feel less mid.

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Faculty Milestones

September 5 – 30, 2023

Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery, first floor of Roesch Library

When faculty earn promotions, the Libraries mark the occasion by acquiring a book of each honoree's choosing. Each book will be on display with a label describing why the faculty member chose it.

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The Narae Artists’ Books Collection

Oct. 3–Nov. 12, 2023

Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery, first floor of Roesch Library

Opening reception, 5–6 p.m. Oct. 5 

Book art uses books and book-related materials as media for creating new objects. Pieces from artist and art therapist Narae Kim’s collection of book art were recently acquired by University Archives and Special Collections and includes works by prominent book artists such as Ryoko Adachi (Japan), Rozi Bornemissaza (Hungary), Halen Douglas (United Kingdom), Susan Johanknecht (United States), Keith A. Smith (United States) and more. Selected items from the collection will be on display.

Sponsored by the Graul Chair in Arts and Languages and the University Libraries.

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East Meets West: Halyna Nykolyshyn’s Ukrainian Marian Legacy

Through November 10, 2023

Marian Library Gallery, seventh floor of Roesch Library

Free and open to the public, this exhibit demonstrates the many facets of the Marian Library’s Ukrainian Marian Collection and the librarian, Halyna Nykolyshyn (Helen) who started the collection. It discusses the timely importance of the collection and displays newly acquired pieces that display the active Marian devotion in Ukraine today. Visit to see artwork, manuscripts, news stories and other artifacts that document devotion to Mary and highlight themes of freedom, war, resistance and devotion. 

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Nativities and the Natural World

November 20, 2023 – January 12, 2024

Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery, first floor of Roesch Library

Second floor of Roesch Library

Marian Library Gallery, seventh floor of Roesch Library

Explore the intersection of Christmas and nature through the Marian Library’s Nativity sets, artwork and more. In this exhibit, artists incorporate plants and animals from around the world into the Christmas story. Gourds, straw, wood, mother-of-pearl and beeswax are among the materials used to create Nativity sets that reflect the natural world in which Christ was born.

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Virtual Programs and Exhibits
Journeys of Faith

Catholic shrines and festivals attract millions of visitors each year, ranging from pilgrims on spiritual journeys to casual tourists. This exhibit, featuring items from the Marian Library and the U.S. Catholic Special Collection at the University of Dayton, explores the motivations for Catholic travel; what visitors do at these sites; and the souvenirs they bring back—from handcrafted devotional objects to quirky mementos.


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Information Neighborhoods: Interacting with Online News Like a Good Neighbor
The variety of news you can find online is immense and can be intense! This self-guided activity will describe how you can better understand the type and purpose of online news by employing a simple sorting method called information neighborhoods. 
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LGBTQ+ Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination
Let's learn together for Pride Month and beyond. All are welcome to complete this interactive online module developed by the Libraries diversity and inclusion team about LGBTQ+ human rights. You will better understand how differences in laws and policies affect those in our community who identify as LGBTQ+. 
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Refuge: Borderlands and the Blessed Virgin
This online exhibit curated by students at at the University of Dayton and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio is challenging its visitors to see a timeless and often controversial topic — borderlands — through social, spiritual, historical and artistic lenses. 
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Mary in Miniature: Books of Hours in the Marian Library Collection
Books of Hours are a window into medieval society, Marian devotion, and book history in the later Middle Ages. This online exhibit features digitized medieval Books of Hours and individual leaves, dating from circa 1440 through the early 16th century.
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Virtual Escape Room: A Fun Way to Learn about the Libraries
Codes and puzzles reveal the "secrets" everyone knows: The University Libraries have the tools students need to succeed in college.
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